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The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2) Cover Reveal

It’s finally happening folk’s… Kate’s sequel is on the way… and what a great cover! 😁

Kate M. Colby

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m pleased to present the cover and book description for The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2).


A courtesan on a mission. A brothel ravished by greed. A murder to avenge.

Dellwyn Rutt loves her life as a courtesan. For years, she has enjoyed the simple pleasures and lavish gifts of her trade. Now she wants more: the title of madam.

But Madam Huxley, the brothel’s current proprietor, refuses to name a successor—a problem that is amplified by the legalization of adultery. As the new law sends lusty clients flocking to the brothel, Madam Huxley’s greed grows unchecked at the workers’ expense. Only one outsider seems to care: a self-proclaimed prophet who won’t rest until the unholy institution is abolished.

After weeks of abuse, Dellwyn desperately seeks a way to subdue Madam Huxley’s tyranny. But when another courtesan is murdered, Dellwyn must set her struggles aside and solve the…

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Smorgasbord Open House – Author and Motivational writer Teagan Riordain Geneviene

The amazing Sally Cronin brings the extraordinary Teagan Geneviene like never before… Love it!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

New Open House

If you pop in here regularly, you will have seen that every Saturday morning I reblog the fantasy series Guitar Mancer by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. I like nothing better than to escape from my ‘duties’ for 15 minutes and tag along with the mancers in all their different forms. Currently they are on Route 66 which is proving illuminating.  https://teagansbooks.com/2016/08/20/guitar-mancer-episode-21-mother/

You will also find links to previous series where Teagan combines fantasy with ingredients suggested by fellow bloggers, weaving them seamlessly into the episode.. Here is one you might like to read first.   https://teagansbooks.com/cookbook-2-three-ingredients-serial-home/

Before Teagan tells us a little more about herself, including her weekly series on LinkedIn, a look at her book Atonement, Tennessee.

3-D Atonement Cover no background

About the Book.

Esmeralda Lawton is sick of the big city. “Ralda” was betrayed until trust became a theoretical concept. So it’s a dream come true when she buys an old estate, complete…

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Pearseus Vigil: Book 3

26720133SYNOPSIS: To win an ancient war, they must raise an ancient army

The Amazon best-selling series continues!

It’s a time of hardship on Pearseus. Teo Altman has assumed control of the Capital and has his eye on Parad’s children. Pratin and his monsters have laid siege on Malekshei. The Old Woman has forsaken Lehmor and the First. And Sol is preparing for the Capital’s inevitable invasion.

Humanity’s defenders are outnumbered and outgunned. Fighting for their lives, their only hope lies in raising an ancient army. To survive, they must do the unthinkable: wake up those that have been dreaming under Pearseus for a hundred thousand years.

REVIEW: Vigil, the third and final instalment of Pearseus is by far the more superior of the three books. In the same manner as Mad Water, the second instalment, more secrets are laid bare giving clarity to the warring factions, the history, the beliefs, and the truths behind each conflict. But, it wasn’t until reading Vigil that I actually decided who I wanted to win, or come out on top at the very least.

Vigil is thoroughly action-packed with some rather unexpected twists; there’s not a dull moment in the entire work and I found myself consistently pumped by all the possibilities of each conflict. I was impressed to the point that I am seriously considering reading through the entire trilogy at some point in a leisurely fashion… Probably when I’m on vacation.

I’ll most definitely be reading more from Nicholas C Rossis.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Update Quicky

My wife and I are currently in the middle of moving house folks, so you may not hear anything from me for probably a week or so, and then it’ll be just here and there while we’re getting on top of things and settling in.

I do have some reviews and other posts lined up, but they’re not scheduled in or anything so it’ll be as and when. Thanks for understanding. Look forward to getting back into the swings of things again real soon.🙂


The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles


30795531Billy Battles is definitely not in Kansas anymore.

As Book 2 of the Finding Billy Battles trilogy opens, Billy is far from his Kansas roots and his improbable journeys are just starting.

The year is 1894 and Billy is aboard the S S China sailing to the inscrutable Far East. Trouble is not far behind. He has met a mysterious and possibly dangerous German Baroness. He has locked horns

with malevolent agents of the German government and battled ferocious Chinese and Malay pirates in the South China Sea.

Later, he is embroiled in the bloody anti-French insurgency in Indochina–which quite possibly makes him the first American combatant in a country that eventually will become Vietnam. Then, in the Philippines, he is thrust into the Spanish-American War and the brutal anti-American insurgency that follows. But Billy’s troubles are only beginning.

As the 19th century ends and the 20th century begins, he finds himself entangled with political opportunists, spies, revolutionaries, and an assortment of vindictive and dubious characters of both sexes. How will Billy handle those people and the challenges they present? The answers are just ahead.


I normally find the second book within a trilogy or longer series somewhat lacking in comparison to first. In fact, I’ve come to expect it as a given rule and start reading every sequel with that same expectation. Then, every once in a while as I’m sitting there feeling quite smug in my conviction, A Ronald E. Yates comes along with a sequel every bit as good as his previous five-star work. It’s mind-blowing.

Finding Billy Battles is an historical fiction series like no other and reads like a memoir making it all the more believable. The story quickly draws you in and doesn’t let go. There is so much going on, you’ll be riveted for hours.

This particular work picks right up from where the first ended and it’s like you never put it down. Billy Battle’s journey from the Wild-west to the Orient becomes fraught with adventure and new dangers as he finds himself caught-up in the middle of the Spanish-American war which is closely followed by the war for the Philippines. Not to mention his relationship with a German baroness whose character you cannot help but fall in love with. Another character I absolutely loved was Potts.

Then there’s Yate’s affinity for languages and colloquialism. I do not know all the languages, but judging from the ones I am fluent and know a little of, I found the phrasing and expressions to be spot-on; their use added much credibility to the story.

Billy ain’t in Kansas anymore!

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Miedo 3 (Serialisation) Episode 4

Miedo 3: Fragments of Fear

Chapter Two:

New Beginnings continued


When George and Katie arrived, I immediately asked after Mike because I was under the impression we would all be going together.

“There’s been a change in plans.” responded George while raising his white bushy eyebrows that perfectly matched his white bushy hair. “He has to be at work later this afternoon and decided to eat somewhere close by.”

“He likes to take his time.” added Ellen. I looked at her nonplussed. “You’ll understand later on.” she quipped.

“Are you coming Nammie?” I asked. “Ooh no, I don’t go to them there places with these tired ol’ knees.” she said smiling. “I’m happy to sit with the TV and nibble on this ‘ere cornbread!”


“Try some?”

“Ma, you’re gonna ruin his app’tite.” said Katie.

“Poo, boy’s still a grow’n! Why just look at ‘im; skinny as a twig!”

“Er, I’ll try a little bite.” I interjected smiling.

The cornbread was so dry and crumbly it had me sputtering. I had to down a glass of water to swallow it and keep from choking.

“She probably had it sitting out since last night…” Ellen was cut off by George clearing his throat followed by, “If we’re all done…” His eyebrows raised higher than ever.

We were on the road for what seemed like hours to me because my stomach was rumbling. It was probably nearer to an hour. We stopped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but dry land filled with brush and not too many trees until we arrived at one of the largest restaurants I’d ever seen. It was a beautiful building decorated in a mixture of reds and greens with the name, Applebee’s on overheads that could be seen both to the front and rear of the structure.

As we entered through the double doors, we were greeted by a woman dressed as a cowgirl with a red suede skirt, busty blouse, scarf, and holster complete with gun replica. I whispered to Ellen, “That isn’t a real gun is it?” She laughed, saying, “No!”  Thank God for small mercies; my sanity would stay intact a while longer. The cowgirl led us to a table and left us to get settled. Another cowgirl came to take our order. As I looked around, I noticed several of them waiting on different tables all dressed in a mixture of red, white and green. They were absolutely stunning. Luckily there was a menu to tend to, so my mind didn’t take a little wander.

Food-wise, I choose some bread-stick thingy’s with a creamy chive and onion type dip I’d never had before. I decided on something I felt sure would be perfectly safe for the main course; a roast chicken meal. I wasn’t sure about a drink so George recommended sarsaparilla which I’d heard of only in movies…  Wow, first cowgirls with guns, now sarsaparilla! The fantasy world began to materialise… No, stop it! Take a deep breath, and remember you’re with company. 

I looked up from my drink to see my kind hosts watching me expectantly. I had never tasted anything like the drink I was holding and I absolutely loved it. “Wow, it’s brilliant!” I said to them. George chuckled. “I told you he’d love it guys!” declared, Ellen triumphantly. 

The main course was the largest meal I’d ever had; it came served on a platter the size of a tray to me. A full half of roast chicken came complete with some vegetables and spices I didn’t even know existed, and superb gravy. The whole meal was thoroughly delicious – A far cry from dry cornbread and grits!

We were in the middle of our main courses when George stated that he would be pre-occupied for the next couple of days in preparation for a business trip to Mexico. This apparently meant that he wouldn’t be coming home at all for quite a while. The atmosphere around the table immediately changed. “How long’s it gonna be for this time?” Asked Katie.

“A couple of weeks. I’m driving down there.”

“So we’re looking at more like three then.” responded Katie in what was a statement rather than a question.

“You’re driving to Mexico?” I asked in awe, completely unaware of what was going on between the lines. I didn’t have a clue how far Mexico was or that one could even drive there from Kentucky back then.

“Sure, it’s over two thousand miles away so I’ll be on the road most the time. Fancy coming?” He said in an attempt to lighten the conversation.

I didn’t get a chance to answer. “You can’t be serious! Kevin just got here and I have plans. I’ve arranged for him to meet my friends at WKU and we’re having a barbecue in the park next week! He could not possibly go with you on this trip. Besides he doesn’t even have his green card yet. What if he can’t get back in?” We’ve hardly had any time together at all with my classes and working at the radio station!” Ellen worked part-time for the WKU radio station as a DJ in between classes and studying and she was really proud of her role.

“Okay, okay, calm down, Ellen…

“I am calm!” She interjected, pouting.

“Look, he can start working for me when I get back. That should give him enough time to meet your friends and get acquainted with other things.”

“What about money? We can’t survive on what I make at the radio station while you’re off galavanting around Mexico for god knows how many weeks – especially without a car!”

George’s eyebrows shot up at this and he was about to say something again when Katie cut in.

“In all fairness, George. Ellen has a point, and I don’t get paid from the library until the end of the month so I can’t give her anything.” Katie had a degree in library science and worked in the Bowling Green public library as a professional book mender.

“Alright, alright!” He said, while signing for them to calm down with his hands. “I’ll give you some money before I go, to tie you over until I get back. Now can we get back to our dinners?”

The atmosphere changed again and the trip to Mexico conversation was quickly forgotten as Ellen dominated the rest of the table-talk disclosing the plans she had made for us which included a tour of the WKU campus, meeting up with some of her friends, going to church, and visiting Katie at the public library for a tour, and to witness her magic with broken/torn books. This was to be followed by a barbecue in Lampkin park the following week.

For dessert, I stayed on the safe side again and ordered homemade apple pie with ice-cream. I’d only ever had apple pie with custard before and it was one of my favourites. Having it with ice-cream was another completely new experience. The fusing of hot apple pie with cold ice-cream is out of this world… I was in love.

Life is going to be great over here!

I do hope you enjoyed this second part of chapter two and appreciate any comments and suggestions to things that could be improved. If you have missed the first three episodes, you can find them on my Miedo page. Thanks again for all your support. 


KAI Presents… Sally Cronin!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:

DSC_0869 a

Sally Cronin!

Hi I am Sally Cronin and am a writer. Over my career in various industries I have written everything from advertising copy to million pound budgets (sometimes there is a hint of fiction in everything!) I made a radical career change in my early forties and retrained as a nutritional therapist. I began writing about health and my first book was published in 2001. I had written a few short stories and poetry from childhood but it was not until 2003 that I wrote my first fiction book. Since 2013 I have been blogging alongside writing my books and I feel a great deal of personal and work satisfaction in writing in any format.


Kev: What’s your latest book called and how did you come up with the title?

The R's of Life

My latest book is called The R’s of Life – A guide to survival in a modern world, and was a working title. I remarked one day to my husband that there was an extraordinary number of words beginning with the letter R, that described the modern human condition. The title has stuck.

Kev: Which Genre do you have it listed under and does it cross any other genres? It is non-fiction and in some parts of the book it might also be considered a memoir. Hopefully most will consider it to fall into the humour category as well.

Kev: Tell us a little bit more about it.

There are a number of life’s experiences that have a profound effect on who we are as a person and the direction our lives will follow. For example our relations with our parents and family, our relationships including romance. We are perceived by different people that we meet and we all hope that they will respect us. The R’s of Life sets out to identify the key elements necessary to get through modern life successfully.

Kev: Provide a teaser/short passage from your book.

This an excerpt from Chapter Five – Relationships – A Tangled Web

A relationship is a two way interaction between individuals and also groups of people. It requires time, patience and tolerance. Great beginnings, particularly in romantic relationships, need to be built on so that the initial chemistry is combined with trust, respect and loyalty. It needs to become a partnership in every sense of the word; there is no room for inflated egos or dominance if it is to succeed.

This applies in friendships as well as within teams or groups of people that we work with. As in the playground, those who do not know how to communicate, share and support are soon excluded, and I have seen many such individuals, drift from job to job over many years.

Developing healthy relationships is not based on a computer algorithm, but a deep-rooted need to belong that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. A clan provided safety from other humans and also animals, provided more effective food gathering and hunting and made better use of individuals specific skills. The individual hearths did not only provide heat, light and the ability to cook food, but also the basis of the first families, where men and women shared the care of children by forming strong and stable relationships.

Over the years of working with men and women who have come to me looking to improve their health, it is clear that relationship issues play a huge role in a number of key areas in our lives. This included weight loss and gain, depression and other stress related physical and mental illnesses. Most women that I have counselled with difficulty losing weight have very low esteem and many have projected the cause of that onto their partners.

In fact low self-esteem in this particular instance is a combination of long-term relationship issues with both the people in our lives going back to childhood, and also the attachments we have formed to food as a source of comfort.

A massive influence on the strength of a relationship is acceptance. One of the major stumbling blocks in any connection we make romantically, within a friendship or a group is the need to change the other person or people to a version that we feel more comfortable with.


Kev: When you wrote this work, did you write off-the-cuff or use some kind of formula like an outline?

I am writing this book entirely on my blog; chapter by chapter. I am doing this for a number of reasons. The main one being the value of feedback at every stage of the book. Unlike a novel there is not a problem with continuity and time lines or character development. Each chapter is effectively stand-alone and being non-fiction much easier to serialise. Now I am well into the book, it has highlighted a couple of chapters where I need to go back and clarify and expand on areas. That is down to the valuable feedback from multi-beta readers. I pick one of the R’s at random but usually it is linked to or naturally leads on from the previous chapter or chapters. This gives me an opportunity to pick a subject without having to stay within rigid guidelines.

Kev: Did you research for the backdrop of your story or any other part of it?

My life and work has certainly provide plenty of material to provide a book’s worth..

Kev: What challenges did this particular work pose for you?

When writing non-fiction that covers people’s perceptions, particularly about emotions, it can be a fine line between opening it up to new interpretations or offending. Also because there are parts of the book where I refer to my own experience it can be emotionally draining.

Kev: What methods are using to promote this work?

This is another advantage of writing the book directly onto the blog. If you Google R’s of Life by Sally Cronin, it already has a moderate presence on the web. Also I have found with the serialisations of my previous books that there have been sales associated with them. Once it is published, the book will disappear from my blog and I will market in the same way as I do with my others which is press releases to the media and using social media to spread the word.

Kev: Do you have any advice for new authors?

The writing part is often the easiest as your pour out the words onto the screen. The tough part is then revisiting the work and preparing for publication. Most of us are impatient to see the finished book on Amazon but you also want to sell the book. For it to establish itself in the market place it needs to be polished. If you cannot do this job yourself then invest in someone who can. Oh and number one… use your spillchocker!!

Thank you Kevin for the opportunity to talk about my new book.

It will be released in mid-November but in the meantime it can be read at; https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/the-rs-of-life-new-book-by-sally-cronin/

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Just For Fun

Here’s a song I wrote just for a bit of fun. It’s not be officially released nor available at retail sites, but it’s free to listen to. Brian is the main vocals on this one… Enjoy!

The Birthday Song


No Quarter (The Ambeth Chronicles #2)

SYNOPSIS:26835337 Things couldn’t be better for Alma. She’s returned the lost Sword to Ambeth and is finally with Deryck, Prince of the Dark. But what’s really going on? Deryck is struggling with his father, who wants to control Alma, while Alma is struggling with her best friend Caleb, who doesn’t trust Deryck one inch. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with her life in the human world. Falling in love shouldn’t be this difficult. But things are about to get much worse…

Quests and friendship all fall by the wayside when there’s romance to be had. Plus, spending time with handsome Deryck is much more appealing than with an increasingly angry Caleb. The Light are always on about making choices, so they shouldn’t have a problem with her choosing to be with Deryck. Besides, he’ll protect her from his father – won’t he?

REVIEW: I have to say, I enjoyed the first book in this series, Oak & Myst, but was rather disappointed with this one. Having said that, before going into detail, I must add, the final few chapters were brilliant and show real potential for an excellent conclusion to The Ambeth Chronicles in book three.

The problem with this book is that there simply isn’t enough going on beyond the romantic relationship between Alma and Deryck, and some character development. I got bored and found myself putting the book down on several occasions.

Between seventy and eighty percent into the story, the mood and pace completely changes and I was completely drawn in all the way to the end. Sadly, it was too little too late.

Helen’s writing skills are excellent. If she could have replicated the kind of mood and pace she had near the end of this work, added it near to the beginning of the book, and again somewhere in the middle, it would have been a complete game changer giving her at least four, if not the full five stars.

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Entry for The Diamond Book Award program is now closed for this year. It will re-open for submissions again in March, next year. The top five nominations for this year will be announced in the KC Newsletter next month, and later on this site.

I have added a sub-categary: DBA Reviews, under Reviews so folks can see which ones were entered into the Diamond Book Awards.

I have moved and combined Raves with Book Blurbs & Trailers as they are closely related, and to keep reviews in a category of their own since reviews tend to dominate the blog now… My how things change! 😀

That’s about it folks! 😊


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