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Animal Tales is a lovely collection of short stories and poetry about cats, dogs, birds, and even a mouse wins admiration. Most of these tales were inspired by real life events. 

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Happy News

Thank you, Cynthia for doing a wnderful post highlighting the five finalists for the Diamond Book Awards! Check it out folks!

Cynthia Reyes - Author of "A Good Home" & "An Honest House"

The Diamond Book Awards

I just got the news: An Honest House is a finalist for the Diamond Book Award!

I am humbled and thrilled at the very same time.  Hooray!

Thank you, Kevin Cooper, for offering this wonderful award to authors and for including me in the finals.  Kevin is an author, musician and book reviewer who does much to highlight the work of authors from around the world.

Congrats to my fellow finalists. It’s a privilege to be in your company.

Here’s the notification I got from Kevin:

The Top Five Nominations for The Diamond Book Award

I can’t believe we’ve got there already folks! All the reviews for the first year of the Diamond Book Awards are complete. There were twenty-five submissions, but only twelve were accepted. Selecting the top five from those twelve was a gruelling exercise; far harder than I imagined it would be. From…

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Honest Fibs

29808231SYNOPSIS: A mermaid turns out to be the perfect bait. A young man in the Badlands discovers the price of business. And a man desperate to escape his life finds out he’s not the only one.

These are just a few of the stories in Honest Fibs, a collection ofspeculative and science fiction short stories that explore our perception of the world around us. Is there more to the world than we can see? How far can we trust our senses? And in a digital society, can any of us tell what’s real?

REVIEW: This is a brilliant collection of short stort stories. I really enjoyed how Rossis skillfully started by telling several stories within a story… that of two men  sharing tales while fishing. I liked it so much that I wanted the whole book to proceed in the same manner. Unfortunately, it didn’t and that kind of spoiled the mood for me. Notwithstanding, it has to be said that Rossis has a true gift for storytelling that defies reason…. Or as he would say it, ‘punches holes in the fabric…’




The Tiger Fierce

31824743SYNOPSIS: About three-and-a-half years ago, Timmy put his paw to writing a guest post for a blog for the first time, and it turned out to be the most popular post of the year. He hasn’t looked back since.

Most recently, he has demonstrated that it actually is possible to teach an old Cat new tricks. He has recently published a book, and has now converted into an ebook. You are looking at it. Enjoy!

$1 Cdn from each soft cover book sold of the first print run was designated for a local animal shelter – Richmond Animal Protection Society. They provide shelter and new homes for a large variety of animals, and they are home to Canada’s largest cat shelter.

Fifty cents from every ebook sold for the first 100 books will also go to the same shelter. Thank you for your support.

REVIEW: This is a most enjoyable little work that had me chuckling a couple of times. The photos of Timmy the cat are adorable. I enjoyed the presentation, but had hoped for more imagination and possibly a bit of fantasy woven in, especially given the title. However, it was a brave effort and is my hope that the author will take what I’ve shared and make more promising any further adventures from Timmy.




KAI Presents… Kate M. Colby!

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents: 


Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be here today. My name is Kate M. Colby, and I’m an author of science fiction, fantasy and nonfiction for writers. My first series, Desertera, consists of steampunk fantasy novels with themes of socio-economic disparity, self-empowerment, romance, and revenge. By day, I’m a copywriter at a wine marketing company, and by night (when I’m not writing), I enjoy antiquing, playing video games, and wine tasting. I live in the United States with my husband Daniel and our feline son Thomas.


Kev: What’s your latest book called and how did you come up with the title?

My latest novel is titled The Courtesan’s Avenger. It’s the second book in my Desertera series (the first being The Cogsmith’s Daughter). As you may have noticed, my titles follow a theme. Each title describes the novel’s protagonist. In The Courtesan’s Avenger, my leading lady Dellwyn is on a quest for justice and to avenge the cruel murder of a fellow courtesan. Thus, she is literally “the courtesan’s avenger.”


Kev: Which Genre do you have it listed under and does it cross any other genres?

The Courtesan’s Avenger (and the rest of the Desertera series) offers a twist on the steampunk subgenre of science fiction. However, while steampunk in styling, it takes place in a desert wasteland, long after the traditional steampunk world has experienced an apocalypse. As such, it crosses into post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and fantasy.

Kev: Tell us a little bit more about it.

I’ll let my copywriting do the talking for me:

A courtesan on a mission. A brothel ravished by greed. A murder to avenge.

Dellwyn Rutt loves her life as a courtesan. For years, she has enjoyed the simple pleasures and lavish gifts of her trade. Now she wants more: the title of madam.

But Madam Huxley, the brothel’s current proprietor, refuses to name a successor—a problem that is amplified by the legalization of adultery. As the new law sends lusty clients flocking to the brothel, Madam Huxley’s greed grows unchecked at the workers’ expense. Only one outsider seems to care: a self-proclaimed prophet who won’t rest until the unholy institution is abolished.

After weeks of abuse, Dellwyn desperately seeks a way to subdue Madam Huxley’s tyranny. But when another courtesan is murdered, Dellwyn must set her struggles aside and solve the crime. The only problem? All evidence points to Dellwyn’s friends… and to her.

Driven by twisting turns, peppered with witty dialog, and shadowed by unrequited love, The Courtesan’s Avenger is a cozy mystery in a steampunk fantasy world.



Kev: Introduce us to your main character (Looks, attitude, habits, strengths, weaknesses…)


Other than her unsavory profession as a courtesan (in which she thrives), Dellwyn Rutt is everything I wish I could be. With clients and strangers, she’s confident, passionate, and incredibly intuitive. At home, she’s a caring and motherly surrogate sister to the young Sybil and a fiercely loyal friend. When faced with the gruesome murder of a fellow courtesan, Dellwyn doesn’t shy away or dream of revenge. Instead, she dives headfirst into the mystery and seeks justice, as defined by the laws of Desertera. Her weaknesses? Dellwyn has a tendency to bite off more than she can chew, too carefully guards her heart, and is a bit too trusting and dependent on others for her sense of self-worth.


Kev: Provide a teaser/short passage from your book.

I love this scene. It’s when Dellwyn finally approaches Madam Huxley about her desire to take ownership of the brothel one day.

Dellwyn swallowed. She wasn’t quite sure how to phrase what she wanted to say, and subtlety had never been her strong suit. Screw it. “You’re getting older, Madam. I’m sorry, but it’s true. You don’t have any children or family, and I doubt you want the Rudder to go up for auction to the highest-bidding nobleman when you die.”

Madam Huxley scrunched her nose. “Go on.”

“And me, I’m not getting any younger, either. I’m closer to thirty than twenty. In a decade, if I’m lucky, my clients are going to start trading me in for younger girls. It’s inevitable, and I’d like not to get thrown out on the street when it happens.”

Madam Huxley tapped her fingers on her desk. The clacking of her nails made Dellwyn’s heart race. She hoped she hadn’t been too blunt. “As much as it pains me to admit it, you make a fair point—for both our futures.”

Dellwyn let out a long breath. “I’m not asking to be handed anything. I’m just asking you to think about it.”

“I shall.” Madam Huxley glanced over Dellwyn’s shoulder. “In fact, I can think of a couple of your coworkers who may appreciate the same consideration.”

Dellwyn clenched her skirts in her fist, silently cursing the madam’s manipulative nature. Of course she had to turn this into a contest. Why couldn’t Madam Huxley just keep quiet and let Dellwyn think she had no competition, even if it weren’t true?

Madam Huxley patted her dress, as if they had been discussing the ever-unchanging weather. “Is that all, Dellwyn?”

Dellwyn closed her eyes, rolling them behind the safety of her lids, and let out another breath. “That’s all.” She stood to leave.


Kev: When you wrote this work, did you write off-the-cuff or use some kind of formula like an outline?

As much as I would like to make up my novels as I go along, I’m a dedicated outliner. I always plot the major events that need to happen in a novel … though there were a few moments in The Courtesan’s Avenger where the characters surprised me (no spoilers!).

Kev: Did you research for the backdrop of your story or any other part of it?

Since my novel takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, I did not have to research most of the setting. However, I have done some research into desert farming and survival, as well as steamships (the palace is a magnificent steamship). I will be researching more into steam power and technologies as the series (and the characters’ technological abilities) progresses.

Kev: What challenges did this particular work pose for you?

The Courtesan’s Avenger posed the challenge of being a sequel. On one hand, I created most of Desertera and its characters when I wrote The Cogsmith’s Daughter. However, that also meant I had to keep all the details consistent for the second novel. Similarly, I put a lot of pressure on myself with this sequel. I wanted to prove that writing my first book wasn’t a fluke and that I would improve and grow as a writer with the second novel. If you read the books, you can tell me whether I succeeded!

Kev: What methods are using to promote this work?

Since The Courtesan’s Avenger is a sequel, I’m not doing much to promote the novel itself (other than sharing its release with my followers and doing a few guest posts like this). To help new readers find the series, I’ve recently done a multi-author free promotion, NetGalley listing, and a sequel launch sale for The Cogsmith’s Daughter, and I’m pleased to report they have gone very well.

Kev: Do you have any advice for new authors?

Such a loaded question! Where to begin? My best advice is to remember why you’re writing. Are you hoping to build a career, reach other people with your art, or simply have fun? Whatever the reason (they’re all wonderful), always keep it at the forefront of every decision you make. If ever a decision goes against your “why,” it’s probably not the best fit for you. This practice will help you write the purest story you can as well as navigate the minefield of publishing (should you choose that path).

Kev: Speaking of advice for authors, what is your nonfiction for writers?

Currently, I’m writing a series of ten creative writing prompt booklets. Each one focuses on a different genre of fiction and contains 100 prompts to inspire the hopeful (or blocked) fiction writer. I won’t clutter this interview with individual links, but anyone interested can view them all on my website at: http://www.katemcolby.com/books/nonfiction

Kev: Where can readers buy your novels?

The Desertera series is available in ebook and paperback formats on all major online retailers. You can choose your favorite store from the links below:

The Cogsmith’s Daughter ­(Desertera #1) – http://books2read.com/the-cogsmiths-daughter

The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2) – http://books2read.com/the-courtesans-avenger

Kev: Where can readers connect with you online?

I’m all over the place, so feel free to connect wherever you like:











Kev: Any final words?

Thank you so much for hosting me and for everything else you do for the independent artist community, Kev! It’s always a pleasure to connect with you, and I hope your readers enjoyed my interview.

Kev: The pleasure was all mine, Kate. Thank you for visiting.







Oh London 

Capital of greatness be

Great wonder for all 

Travellers to see

A beacon of greatness 

In all that you are

On the isle of the sea 

In its beauty afar

One thing truly 

Gives you your name

One thing could never bring 

Your people shame

Royalty and wealth 

Is so manifest

Shows to this world 

How much we are blessed


Great London 

Some loath your own name

It’s called out for charity 

It’s called out in blame

You are great London

City of the free

Live long in your greatness 

On the isle of the sea

Oh London 

Though you have long 

Deep history

All does not glisten 

That is old

You have legends 


Such mysteries

Still you shine on

In Olympian Gold

Oh London 

Shine on 

With both your 

Past and present

With all future banners 


Shine on 

Oh great beacon 

For the isle of the sea

You give hope 

To the rest 

Of the world


© Kevin Cooper… Reflections: Poems, Songs and Muses (2013)

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How To Grow An Addict

27418173SYNOPSIS: Randall Grange has been tricked into admitting herself into a treatment center and she doesn’t know why. She’s not a party hound like the others in her therapy group—but then again, she knows she can’t live without pills or booze.

Raised by an abusive father, a detached mother, and a loving aunt and uncle, Randall both loves and hates her life. She’s awkward and a misfit. Her parents introduced her to alcohol and tranquilizers at a young age, ensuring that her teenage years would be full of bad choices, and by the time she’s twenty-three years old, she’s a full-blown drug addict, well acquainted with the miraculous power chemicals have to cure just about any problem she could possibly have—and she’s in more trouble than she’s ever known was possible.

REVIEW: This is a story of hope that will enlighten and encourage many readers who have had even the faintest brush with an undesirable upbringing, drugs or alcohol addiction.

What I liked about this work the most is Randall’s approach to telling her story; it’s honest, sincere and gives the reader a true sense of how oblivious a child is to the real dangers presented by a dysfunctional family where access to alcohol and addictive prescriptions is wide open in a very aggressive environment the soul begs to escape.

Yet, this is not a story of blame, hate, self-pity, or anything of the sort. It is rather one where the narrator comes to the self-realisation of the mess her life has become and the hope that such realisation can bring.

The writing style is very clear, witty, and comfortable… more down-to-earth which makes it very enjoyable and easy to read. The work is very well written. Though a bit slow to start, the pace is steady, and the story concludes beautifully.

Links To Reviews




The Rendering

31121059SYNOPSIS: Flash fiction with a bonus short story thrown in to lighten an otherwise dark collection of tales.

REVIEW: I’m a big fan of Sue Coletta. Her crime thrillers are

and she puts a huge amount of research into her work… Forensics & Anatomy to name just a couple of the areas she explores. I find her main works to be something like a cross between the psychological thriller and CSI. I can’t wait for her next instalment of the Mayhem series.

That said, I was quite disappointed with this small collection of tales. As a writer of flash fiction and short stories I completely understand the problems with character development and depth so neither of these were an issue. My real issue is the stories simply came across as excerpts from her thrillers, and as they were so graphic and compact, they were hard to digest. They would however be fine as part of larger works where there is plenty of build up and some kind of solution.

I was given a free copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

Review Links

The Top Five Nominations for The DBA

Diamond Book Awards


As announced in my newsletter at the beginning of this month:

I can’t believe we’ve got there already folks! All the reviews for the first year of the Diamond Book Awards are complete. There were twenty-five submissions, but only twelve were accepted. Selecting the top five from those twelve was a gruelling exercise; far harder than I imagined it would be. From the five I’ve chosen, it must be said… All of them hold equal weight for the DBA. In no particular order, here are the final five nominations with links to each review:

The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles by Ronald E Yates
Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora
An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes
The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly by Christina Steiner
Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta

The Diamond Book Award is a tough award to win. All have done incredibly well to get this far. It is now up to the judging panel to decide who the award will go out to. For more information on the Diamond Book Awards please visit: The Diamond Book Awards

The Diamond Book Award winner will be announced in next month’s newsletter during the first week of October. Good luck guys!

Please show your support for the finalists who have done extremely well to get this far, and watch out for this year’s winner of The Diamond Book Awards.


All I Can Say

all-i-can-sayMy latest music release, All I Can Say is now available from iTunes and on Googleplay. It will be coming to AmazonMp3 and other retail sites shortly.

All I Can Say is a power ballad (Well… My attempt at on anyway) where the singer is trying to convey that saying, ‘I Love You’ is all that can be said, yet in reality mere words are not enough to express the depth of their relationship.

For those of you who are interested, I have updated my Albums page to include links to my Songcast music profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube where you can also listen to my latest single releases. There are also options to follow me on Soundcloud and/or Youtube.

I know that a lot of my supporters prefer AmazonMp3, therefore I have placed links to all my singles currently available on AmazonMp3 in the widget section for easy access. All I Can Say will be added to these widgets as it becomes available.


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