The Dog in the Garden – a guest post by Kenneth Weene.

Lovely story from Kenneth Weene. Thanks for sharing Kev!


Thank you to Kenneth Weene for the below guest post. (You can find a brief biography of Kenneth at the end of this article).

The Dog in the Garden

a reminiscence by Kenneth Weene

What a beautiful garden. We sat on the well-cushioned wrought iron chairs waiting for our hostess to bring tea.

“Won’t you take tea and some scones?” Linda asked before we had even signed the guestbook. “The garden is lovely this time of year.”

And it was, a springtime profusion of color, growth, and scent. Enough to lull us away from the tensions of the day’s drive. More than enough to assure that I would spend the night suffering with allergies. Still, a true delight of a place.

I breathed deeply. My wife pulled out the little pillbox that held my antihistamines. Choosing one of the various pills at random, I swallowed it without benefit of water…

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