Author of the Month… Sally Cronin! (May 2015)

Double Feature: I’ve always been a month behind on Author of the Month and that makes things a little awkward sometimes. So to catch up, I’ve decided to do a double feature on my blog this month covering both April and May.  Hence the reason I’m adding May’s winner along with April’s. 


Sally Cronin 5 April 2015


The delightful Sally Cronin, has won the spotlight on Author Of The Month for the most popular presentation on Kev’s Author Interviews in May 2015.

Since her management book is not published yet, I have featured the book I reviewed:

A picture and direct link to her book, Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story will be featured for a whole month on Great Indie Authors!

Presenting, Sally Cronin, Everyone!


For more information on how YOU may have the same opportunity to appear on Author Of The Month visit my page.


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    1. Your interview spoke for itself, Sally. You had such a huge amount of support from your dedicated followers, not just with likes and comments but through social media sharing as well, that you simply won this spot with a landslide. Well done! 🙂

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