Love, Desire and Betrayal by Margaret Lynette Sharp

2014_0223imagefacebook0013I had the privilege of interviewing Margaret back in January this year: Margaret’s Interview which was six months after my first interview with her back in July 2014. Now people must have liked Margaret’s work from her first interview because when she did her second one with me, she was so popular that she won the Author of the Month feature!  Naturally, when Margaret approached me about doing a review on one of her books,  despite them not being a genre I normally read, I could not possibly turn her down. Besides, look at that doggy! Who can say, no, to that? 😀  You don’t play fair, Margaret!

Love, Desire and Betrayal

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Four young women: Michaela, Sally, Amelia and Lauren. All Australian. All destined to find that the course of real love is not smooth sailing. Four separate tales touching on a universal goal.
Will career ambitions jeopardize their futures? (Margaret Lynette Sharp)


I was rather surprised how much I became drawn into Margaret’s short stories. Being of the Romance genre, I shamefully braced myself for the worst, and need not have! Margaret’s stories are not only written well, but are well-established and her characters, well-developed which  is quite rare in short stories of any kind, and often where they fall… well… short, if I may. Add to that the dynamics of family backgrounds and influences that can leave no relationship untouched, and you’ve got four really great stories from an excellent weaver of tales.

Love Desire and Betrayal without template redWell done, Margaret. Five Stars!

Margaret has a Kindle Countdown offer going on this book at the moment. You might want to check it out:  Amazon Uk — Amazon US



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