Prepping for a Signing!

I’ve got a signing booked for the early part of July folks. Talk about exciting! (and nervous as hell… You guessed it… first one.) 😀 😀 😀

Anyway, you know me. I’ve been doing a little bit of prep work:

I decided, hey why not modify my pic that I used to spread the word about my price drops on Amazon and use it as a real book banner in my signing?  The result:

Book Arrange

I took stock of what books I have on hand and ordered quite a few more since my stock was somewhat depleted from when I placed ads in the local paper:


And, I bought some thick card-like printer paper, a laminator and some laminating sheets for the following bookmarks I created to give out as freebies. As I’ll need to print off several sheets of these, I’d better drop by The Range tomorrow to buy a good paper cutter… one of those slicer-type deals. 😉


Exciting times folks… Exciting times! 😀


About Kev

Kev is an Author & Songwriter. After years of studying, and even more years working in education, and management in the US, he returned to his hometown in England where he finally settled down to focus on his writing and music. Links to his works can be found in the widget bar, and more information about them can be found on his pages above. He would greatly appreciate it if you would check them out. Kev has a M.Ed in Secondary Education with English as his main subject area. He also did post-graduate studies in Christian Counselling and Psychopathology after obtaining a BA in Psychology with a minor in Classical Greek.

38 comments on “Prepping for a Signing!

  1. Good ideas! Thanks, Kev.

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  2. How exciting Kev. I feel for you, as I know how nervous I will be when I endeavor to poke my head out into the ‘Here I am World’. Great prepping. But I can’t help but wonder, with the purchasing of laminate paper, a cutter and printing, would it not have been easier to just order some rack cards from a printer?

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    • Thanks Debbie. That’s exactly how I feel! Err, easier yes, but where’s the challenge and excitement in that? I like to live a little. 😀

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  3. Excellent, Kev, have fun with it! Love the new photo and the bookmarks are brilliant.

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  4. You’ll be a hit, Kev! @v@ ❤

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  5. Woohoo, what great times, Kev. Happy signing and hope the paper cutter served you well 😀

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  6. its a great achievement Kevin! more to come!

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  7. Way to go, Kev, all the best for your collection and achievements. Looking all very good

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  8. Reblogged this on Ace Sales & Authors News and commented:
    This is a real tribute to consummate guy and well deserved my friend Ian 👍 Here as well http://flip.it/2Vwc8


  9. Congratulations on your enterprise and achievements! Looking really good.
    I’d lend you my cutter, but collecting it might give a teensy weensy problem …

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    • Thanks Lesley! Err… tempted to take you up on your offer, but perhaps you’re right. No, wait, I’m having a thought… I could hire a boat and send my beloved to collect it… Err, Nope, better not mention that one… I have a niggly feeling that it might not do. Oh, well, one can but try and as Pat says, I’m very trying! Back to original plan, then, but thanks all the same! 😀


  10. Great ideas. I find that a bowl of candy is a great way to get folks to my table too. Have fun at your signing.

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  11. So excited for you, Kev. I’ve never done a book-signing, but am trying to line up with a local bookstore in my area. I’m sure I’d be extremely nervous too, but it sounds like you’ve thought things out and you’re prepared. Your banner is awesome and I love the bookmarks. Oh a side note, I never thought of running an ad for my books in the local papers. Hmmm. Must seriously look into that.

    Will be cheering you on at your debut event! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for your shouts of enthusiasm Mae, it’s really encouraging. I done a few ads in the locals, one didn’t do anything for me and seemed a complete waste of time, but another had folks ringing me asking if I still had any copies left. (same paper) So, it’s pretty much like all other marketing, you win some, you lose some. 😀

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      • Hmm. Thanks for the feedback. I might give it a try.,.maybe also try a press release which would be freebie assuming it gets picked up. So many avenues to try! I. Hope your signing goes ballistic!

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        • Always worth a try. If you do a press release, throw a copy my way and put it on Indie Books Emporium for ye. 😉


  12. Don’t be nervous Kevin. Is going to be a lot of fun… believe me! As Mrs. N. is suggesting, get some exercising with a special autograph! Peoples like to get them special and some sort of “fancy” in mine I include a couple of flowers over the letter “i” Cheers LOL :-)c

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    • Thanks Claudine. I appreciate the additional advice. I shall work on a new, author signature… don’t know about flowers though… maybe a star. 😉

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  13. Meant to add: please let me know how it goes. Congratulations on the signing!

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  14. Great collection. Will you have copies of all books on hand for signing, or just the latest one? Hope you sell every copy and have a multitude of requests for more!

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    • I will have plenty of my three main books, but only a couple on hand of the short story and my poetry books. I will not bother taking the Spanish translation of my short story. Thank you!


  15. Many congratulations Kev. I am sure the signing will be a success. All the best. Kev (the other one)!

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  16. Congrats on the signing. Please update us on how it goes.

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  17. Way to go Kev! I love the book banner and of course the bookmarks rock! Have you practiced signing your name yet? Always a good idea and bring plenty of pens.:) Exciting times is right!

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    • Thanks Mrs N! I was in management for years where I had to sign documents throughout the day, every day… I might just have my signature down. lol Actually, it’s more like GP’s siggy due to getting tired of doing it all those years, but it’ll have to do. 😀 My book marks will be have my name written and signed on them… on the reverse. Hopefully they’ll keep their worth in paper. 😀

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