Prepping for a Signing!

I’ve got a signing booked for the early part of July folks. Talk about exciting! (and nervous as hell… You guessed it… first one.) 😀 😀 😀

Anyway, you know me. I’ve been doing a little bit of prep work:

I decided, hey why not modify my pic that I used to spread the word about my price drops on Amazon and use it as a real book banner in my signing?  The result:

Book Arrange

I took stock of what books I have on hand and ordered quite a few more since my stock was somewhat depleted from when I placed ads in the local paper:


And, I bought some thick card-like printer paper, a laminator and some laminating sheets for the following bookmarks I created to give out as freebies. As I’ll need to print off several sheets of these, I’d better drop by The Range tomorrow to buy a good paper cutter… one of those slicer-type deals. 😉


Exciting times folks… Exciting times! 😀


38 thoughts on “Prepping for a Signing!

  1. How exciting Kev. I feel for you, as I know how nervous I will be when I endeavor to poke my head out into the ‘Here I am World’. Great prepping. But I can’t help but wonder, with the purchasing of laminate paper, a cutter and printing, would it not have been easier to just order some rack cards from a printer?

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    1. Thanks Debbie. That’s exactly how I feel! Err, easier yes, but where’s the challenge and excitement in that? I like to live a little. 😀

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    1. Thanks Lesley! Err… tempted to take you up on your offer, but perhaps you’re right. No, wait, I’m having a thought… I could hire a boat and send my beloved to collect it… Err, Nope, better not mention that one… I have a niggly feeling that it might not do. Oh, well, one can but try and as Pat says, I’m very trying! Back to original plan, then, but thanks all the same! 😀


  2. So excited for you, Kev. I’ve never done a book-signing, but am trying to line up with a local bookstore in my area. I’m sure I’d be extremely nervous too, but it sounds like you’ve thought things out and you’re prepared. Your banner is awesome and I love the bookmarks. Oh a side note, I never thought of running an ad for my books in the local papers. Hmmm. Must seriously look into that.

    Will be cheering you on at your debut event! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your shouts of enthusiasm Mae, it’s really encouraging. I done a few ads in the locals, one didn’t do anything for me and seemed a complete waste of time, but another had folks ringing me asking if I still had any copies left. (same paper) So, it’s pretty much like all other marketing, you win some, you lose some. 😀

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      1. Hmm. Thanks for the feedback. I might give it a try.,.maybe also try a press release which would be freebie assuming it gets picked up. So many avenues to try! I. Hope your signing goes ballistic!

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        1. Always worth a try. If you do a press release, throw a copy my way and put it on Indie Books Emporium for ye. 😉


  3. Don’t be nervous Kevin. Is going to be a lot of fun… believe me! As Mrs. N. is suggesting, get some exercising with a special autograph! Peoples like to get them special and some sort of “fancy” in mine I include a couple of flowers over the letter “i” Cheers LOL :-)c

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    1. Thanks Claudine. I appreciate the additional advice. I shall work on a new, author signature… don’t know about flowers though… maybe a star. 😉

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    1. Thanks again. It’s not until next month, but I’ll probably do a post about the experience. 🙂


    1. I will have plenty of my three main books, but only a couple on hand of the short story and my poetry books. I will not bother taking the Spanish translation of my short story. Thank you!


    1. Thanks Mrs N! I was in management for years where I had to sign documents throughout the day, every day… I might just have my signature down. lol Actually, it’s more like GP’s siggy due to getting tired of doing it all those years, but it’ll have to do. 😀 My book marks will be have my name written and signed on them… on the reverse. Hopefully they’ll keep their worth in paper. 😀

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        1. I’m hoping Pat will pop along with me to take pics for me, but that will depend greatly upon what kind of day she’s having on the day. 🙂

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