Guernsey Retreat by Anne Allen

Iphoto for emailAnne Allen is a retired psychotherapist who lives on the Devonshire Coast and is now a full-time author.  Having lived in Guernsey for around fourteen years, she decided to use it a the setting for her stories, Dangerous Waters, a romantic mystery, Finding Mother, a romantic family drama, Guernsey Retreat, another romantic mystery, and The Family Divided. Otherwise know as, The Guernsey Novels.

I would gladly tell you more but that would spoil our upcoming interview. 😉

Guernsey Retreat

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Two violent deaths. Separated by time, but with a fatal connection…

A man loses his father. A young woman loses her mother. Both in tragic circumstances that lead, when they meet, to surprising revelations from the past…

At the heart of the two deaths lie stolen jewels. Valuable enough to kill for. Twice.
Finding her father brings Louisa more than she bargains for, and her life is transformed, while Malcolm learns that life is, after all, for sharing…  (Anne Allen)


The cover of the book is professional and most certainly suits the story.

I found myself completely immersed in the first chapter. It is the perfect backdrop for the second, yet, it is the third chapter, in my opinion, that really sets the scene for the whole story without giving way how the incidents would become entwined.

The body of the story is well-structured and coherent. The story is put together very carefully as characters and relationships are steadily developed.  There’s no rushing into things with Allen, she knows exactly what she’s doing as she works with the timing of events and developments that are not too predictable.

The story ends very well. It doesn’t let the reader down and there is good closure for the main characters involved.

Five stars! 

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Guernsey Retreat_front_final

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    • Thanks Aquileana… don’t know how I missed that when I read the post… I saw the awards, but it never occurred to me that I would be among the nominees! I shall go back and check out the blogs of those I don’t already know and visit. Thanks again for such a wonderful award. 🙂 ❤

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    • Glad you enjoyed it Teagan. Looks like my new review formula is working. It won’t guarantee everyone five stars, but I’m happy with how it helps me to structure my reviews and be fair about my ratings without that gnawing doubt about whether I was too lenient or too harsh. 🙂 I’m really happy with my rating on this one.

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  1. Many thanks, Kev, for such a lovely review. So glad you enjoyed my third book in The Guernsey Novels. I’m in the island now, launching the fourth and researching the fifth.

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