Disorder of War by N.J. Shamey

91RhHiDeOSL._UX250_N. J. Shamey is an international security contractor by trade and uses his real world experiences in the Middle East and Asia to inform his writing. He studied Political Science and Military Leadership at the University of Massachusetts and the Arabic Language in Cairo, Egypt.

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Disorder of war

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Dagan Sharaf must lead an inexperienced new company in the Legions of Katora as they fight for survival and face the rigors of combat. An old enemy of the Kingdom has found pretense for war and launched an invasion to seize control of the lucrative trade cities. Dagan’s unit is deployed to stem the enemy tide and regain lost territories. The company struggles to master the art of war and learn to depend on each other as battle-brothers. At the same time, Dagan must balance his own selfish motives with the needs of his men. (N.J. Shamey)


The covers says it all and accurately portrays the description of  a Dagan’s garb and that of other veteran soldiers. When I saw the detail in the cover, I was really hoping not to be disappointed by the contents… 

I wasn’t.

The prologue is excellent. Shamey immediately pulls you in. It’s not a battle scene as one would expect from book like this based on similar fantasies, but it is so intense… I found myself wanting to read it again… I did, and that’s a rare event.

The story is so realistic. As I read it, I found myself imagining that this is what war is like and how soldiers really do react. Even during the training skirmishes, I was glued to the depth of detail and the interaction between characters and could visualise everything.  Shamey’s studies in Military Leadership most definitely influence his craft and there are things he mentions that could only come from some sort of experience with battle or aftermath.

The story ends much differently to what I expected. I wasn’t disappointed, but rather taken quite by surprise. There are a few loose ends, but since this is book one, I expect these to be taken up in book two. Shamey does leave the reader wanting more!

Five stars!


CoverB NJS



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