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In the past few years, sexual crimes against women seem to be on the rise in India. But whenever any such incident gets highlighted in media, someone always rises up to point an accusing finger towards the victim. Those who have seen BBC’s documentary “India’s Daughter” can guess the words that are hurled on girls and women who get sexually abused. And these accusations add to the victim’s trauma and do nothing towards curbing the real ill from the society. This is why Jyoti Arora brings, Lemon Girl to my drama section.

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  1. I have not seen the documentary but I have read reports of it, and comments by one of the defenders and a defending lawyer and like most people I thought it was impossible to have such an opinion in the modern age, or any age to be fair. That someone could stand up and make such a statement in all seriousness and think they would not be regarded as a dangerous lunatic is hard for me to come to grips with.

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  2. Basically it is always easy to blame the victim because s/he will be too shattered, scared to protest coherently/rationally or at all, its even better if they are dead in that case …. case closed full stop!

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