Author of the Month… Gigi Sedlmayer!

Those of you who know me well, also know that although I pretty much have an open-door policy when it comes to interviews,  I have very strict criteria for my Author of the Month feature which gives absolutely no quarter to favouritism on my part. The decision is purely down to statistics.

Having said that, I have to add, although I am extremely happy with this month’s Highlight winner, there were several authors I really would love to have featured this month. Responses to my questions in many of June’s interviews were thought out, highly developed,  and so well-expressed that they inspired triple digit shares to social media websites around the globe!

As a result, there have been reports of folks buying these authors’ books or at the least, adding them to their, To Buy/To Read lists… What more could one ask for?

What do I make of this?  It’s not my interview questions folks, but how the author responds to them that makes or breaks any interview.  That said, Very well done to all of you! 😀


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Gigi Sedlmayer

The wonderful, Gigi Sedlmayer, is July’s Author of the Month!

A picture and direct link to her book, Talon: Come Fly With Me , which is the first book of her Talon Series, will be featured for a whole month on Great Indie Authors for having the most popular interview last month!

TALON, COME FLY WITH ME-1 front cover copy
Presenting, Gigi Sedlmayer, Everyone!


For more information on how YOU may have the same opportunity to appear on Author Of The Month visit my Author of the Month page in the main menu. 


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  1. Congratulations, you really deserves it because your book inspires, direct, motivates and cut across all religions, age groups, social status and continent.
    I am one of those blessed by your book.
    Keep it up.

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