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Ignagius Fernandez

Profile: Ignatius Fernandez is a post graduate in chemistry and business management. He was awarded a certificate by Cambridge University (UK) for Higher English in which they found him to have a high level of competence in writing. Senior management professional. Professor of management studies. Corporate trainer for top management. Speaker. Counselor. Blogger. Author of eight books and over sixty articles in religious and professional magazines and Sites.

What is your latest book about?

I have just finished my eighth book titled, Jesus Christ – True Leader and Perfect Gentleman. It has been sent to publishers. Because the book is not out yet, I am not able to attach the book cover. The title is self-explanatory. It deals with Jesus as the Son of Man and less as the Son of God.

Who or what influenced you to write it?

My admiration for the personality of Jesus prompted to write. Besides, the personal equation with him only guided me to complete the book, despite certain problems.

Did you do any specialised research for the book?

Over the last thirty months I dug deep to find more and more information on Jesus, not just from the Holy Bible, but from related sources to get facts that would make my book credible and interesting. The Reference section in my book lists the sources.

What challenges did you face while writing the book?

The wealth of data, made it difficult to write a cogent account, retaining some and rejecting other information. The personality of Jesus is all-embracing, so to define it was a huge problem. To lend the book a hint of professionalism, I compared Jesus against leaders we have known. The comparison is stark; the exercise more than difficult – doing justice to the leaders in the comparison.

Who is the protagonist?

As the title states, it is Jesus Christ.

What would say is the greatest weakness of the protagonist; or obstacle he faced?

Jesus Christ did not have any weakness. The fact that no one could accuse him of wrong-doing was the source of envy among his adversaries. The obstacles he faced were many: High and unrealistic expectations of him; a frosty and challenging opposition; unlettered disciples; handicaps of moving from place to place on foot; Roman occupation of his homeland; and an illiterate mass that could not comprehend his message.

What was his greatest strength?

The list of his strengths is long. I will state just two: Compassion and communication. He excelled in both.

Reproduce a short passage from the book.

“In my growing years I read of him, and reflected on passages that held him up as a role model. I began to see him not just as my God, but also as an outstanding person; a leader beyond compare. I failed – time and again – to follow him closely, but he continued to remain my standard, my changeless friend. He had not come to visit, but to stay.”

Do you use some kind of formula when you write?

I cannot call it a formula, but a sequence: The idea strikes me. I do some research. I reflect and pray over it. I attempt the first draft. Redraft. Polish.

Do you prefer writing during the day or night?


What is your editing process?

I try editing myself. Then my family – who are writers – check the draft. After which I do another edit. I do not engage external editing agencies. The publisher does a final round.

Who creates your book covers?

The three covers that I have attached are designed by my son, Ivan. For the other books the publishers helped out.

The Golden Rule Book Cover Front JPEG ChildisFather Front Cover copy -Cover - The heart -JPEG

How do you promote your book?

That is the hardest part. Since I do not engage promotion agencies, I use social media in a small way. Reviews also help.

What advice would you give to new authors?

Be yourself. Try not to ape anyone. Trust in God. Do not be discouraged by adverse comments. Learn from them and improve.

Which two social media platforms do you use most and why?

Though I am on Facebook and Pinterest, I prefer to promote my books more on Linkedin and Twitter. I submit articles on Linkedin, so I build a small following on that site. Besides, members on Linkedin are likely to be the kind of people who would read my books. I have quickly built a list of followers on Twitter, though I joined the site recently.

Do you have a website?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My website has some information on my background and books. Here I would add the books I published earlier:

* Life Lessons – A christian Sharing.

* Through the Eye of a Needle – Transforming Relationships.

* Relationship Management – The Master’s Way.

* My Family – The Next Best Thing that Happened to Me.

Ignatius Fernandez, everyone!



  1. Thanks, Kev for this interview. The responses are lovely and absolutely down to earth. I think his fascination for Jesus Christ as a human being has only increased his appreciation for Jesus’ connection with God. Quite wonderful!

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  2. Wow, thank you for a lovely post! I positively loved the excerpt from your upcoming release, Ignatius. It really speaks to the heart and resonates strongly with me. God bless.

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  3. What a great interview, Kev. Thank you. And Ignatius, Thank you for sharing.
    My motto and I have written that in my books, is:
    “Be you, yourself, be happy again. Don’t let life pass by you. Don’t look back, look into the bright future. The future is as bright as the promise of God. Smile – it’s the most beautiful attire.”
    All the best

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