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Scott Kramer

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 Northridge, CA, USA


A Short Bio

I’m married with three children, two of whom have already graduated from college with the third about to start. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Business (MBA). I worked for close to thirty years in the investment business. For about the last eight, I was also running a manufacturing company that has since replaced the investment business as my main source of employment. I’ve always been creative in the business arena, and decided to try my hand at writing a story that I had. I enjoyed it so much that I am now writing my second novel, with more to follow.

Kev: What is your latest book called and what is it about?

False Pretenses book cover

The book is called “False Pretenses” and it is about a president, who wins his election dishonestly, and then uses his position of power to enhance his own wealth, along with that of his vice-president, his chief-of-staff, and the companies who are paying his extortion.

Kev: What is the main genre of your book? Political thriller

Kev: Who is your target audience? I would think that anyone that likes a fast-paced, exciting story would be my target audience. It has been read by men and women, and enjoyed by both.

Kev: Who or what influenced you to write it? The political situation surrounding the Iraq war was the main driver, with background influence from both the Reagan and Clinton presidencies.

Kev: Did you do any specialised research for your story? I did research locations on the internet, to try to make sure that some of the settings for the story were accurate. Some of the places I’d been to and drew from my memories of them.

Kev: What challenges did you face while writing the story? Mainly, just finishing it. The editing process probably took longer that the actual writing.

Kev:  Who is the protagonist? Senator Art Lesser

Kev: What would you say is the protagonist’s greatest weakness or obstacle and why? He’s honest to a fault, and I think that in politics, sometimes you have to be willing to put your ego front and center and be willing to accept some grey, along with the black and white.

Kev: What would you say is the main antagonist’s greatest strength? His willingness to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Kev: Could you provide a short passage from your book to give us a taster?

False Pretenses book cover“Do you recognize this person?”

“No, I don’t. Just like I told you.”

The agent handed Walker another photo, this one from a different angle. It showed a visible birthmark on a leg that was broken in at least two different spots. “How about now? Anything look familiar?”

Walker looked up at the agent. “You can’t do this to people. We’re American citizens. We have rights.”

“In here, you’re a nobody. You don’t have anything, except me. No one even knows you’re here. You’ve heard of the CIA’s ‘Extraordinary Rendition?’ What we’re going to do to you is going to make that seem like Disneyland.” Pointing back to Mikey, the agent said, “For the next few weeks, he’ll be eating his meals through a straw. If you don’t tell me what I want to know, you’ll be getting yours through a feeding tube.”

Kev: When you write, do write off-the-cuff or do you use some kind of formula? I sit down and just let the story flow and go wherever it takes itself.

Kev: How do you deal with writers-block? I stop writing for a little while until the story starts developing in my mind again.

Kev: Preference for writing: Day or Night? Night, since it’s really the only time that I have to write.

Kev: What is your process for editing your work? I gave it to my wife to read. Then I gave it to an editor. Then my wife and I edited it again, separately, then I gave it back to the editor.

Kev: How do you come up with your book covers? I had an idea of what I thought were the main scenes in the book that I thought would draw the readers attention. I then narrowed it down to one particular image that I felt would convey the magnitude of what the book was dealing with. I ended up with a picture of the White House, which I think indicates that the book is about the presidency, which it is.

Kev: Do you think the book cover is important? You know, they always say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and that’s true, but you need something to draw the attention of the reader. In a sea of books, a good cover will get your book noticed, so in that sense, yes, I believe the book cover is important.

Kev: Which publishing platform do you prefer and why? I personally prefer to read on my iPad now, but I love actual books. I like how they feel and look, but having books in digital format is infinitely more convenient.

Kev: Do you face any daunting obstacles during the publishing process? I self-published, so the only obstacle I had was making sure the book formatted properly, which was no small feat.

Kev: What methods do you use to promote your work? I have a book publicist.

Kev: Do you have any advice for new authors? Stick with it. It’s a great sense of accomplishment when you see the final product.

Kev: Which social media platforms do you use the most?

I have been working on my twitter presence. Feel free to follow False Pretenses @scottrkramer

Kev: Is there anything else you would like to add?

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