Book Blurbs & Trailers!

Have interviews, book reviews and more at Kev's Great Indie Authors!
Have interviews, book reviews and more at Kev’s Great Indie Authors!

Kev’s Great Indie Authors has just gotten even better folks!

For those of you who have already interviewed with me, and those of you who really don’t like doing full-fledged interviews you can now still SHOUT about your upcoming new releases and more with Kev’s Book Blurbs & Trailers!

Simply go to my Book Blurbs & Trailers Page, fill out the very simple form and I’ll SHOUT OUT TO THE WORLD about your book! Even if you don’t have a book trailer, don’t worry, having a trailer is not a prerequisite to getting your blurb on Kev’s Great Indie Authors that’s why I’ve also added a whole new category called Book Blurbs & Trailers. Check out my previous post and you’ll see what I’m talking about… No trailer, but great blurb. 🙂

Well… What are you waiting for?  Go, go! 😀



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