The Chill Turned Warm

Presenting to you, The Chill Turned Warm which is a collection of poetry written by the lovely, Bonnie Gail Carter. From what I understand, the proceeds from the paperback version of this book go to the cause: Help The Forgotten Children which helps those who were abused and neglected in Orphanages and Foster Homes. Check Bonnie’s link above for more information.

The chill turned warm_ …How many of you lived in foster homes? I did, and I wrote a poem about it. How many of you have been raped? I was, and I wrote a poem about that, too. How many of you love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit more than anything else? I do, and I wrote a poem about that. There are poems about love and love lost in The Chill Turned Warm. There is something for everyone to identify with in this collection. (Bonnie Gail Carter)

Bonnie has also put together a video on youtube, where she reads some of her poems out to us. I just finished watching the whole thing folks and I’ve gotta tell ye… deeply moving folks… deeply moving:

Here are the links to Bonnie’s book on Amazon:




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