Cry The Fables

A new release is on its way folks. Cry The Fables by M.T. Smith:

ctfMalcolm Bridges, a mentally disturbed children’s book author, dances the line between reality and the dream world of fairy tales he calls Not Kansas; but when a devastating accident leaves him in a coma, this once so magical world is plunged into an unspeakable Darkness. Upon waking, Malcolm eagerly returns to Not Kansas, only to find himself in the throes of fairytale genocide; where an envious army of his Unfinished tales–tales without stories of their own–have brought death upon his beloved creations. Can he save them all or will he lose everything? In Cry The Fables: Glimpse Malcolm embarks on a perilous journey to end this Fable Holocaust and save his friends and sanity.

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M.T. Smith is a freelance writer and performer with the second national tour of Broadway’s The Book of Mormon dedicated to preserving the world’s most vital resource—Imagination! At the tender age five he first became aware of its depletion and immediately put himself on a strict but hefty diet of cartoons, video games, music and fantasy movies. After twenty-two years on this regiment, his levels of imagination had risen through the roof, leading him to study Musical Theatre at the University of Arizona, where he also received a B.A in Linguistics; then to the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City, where he received his MFA in Acting… Learn more about M.T. on his website above.


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