Spring’s Saboteurs

Brought to us by Andean White…


Prince Argo has arranged the deaths of his older sister and two brothers—declared himself next to wear the crown.

Now the king, his deceptive and clever planning skills set in motion, hoists a multifaceted revenge scheme to overthrow Manshire Province. Kidnapping Queen Althea’s younger sisters initiates a whirl-wind sequence of events threatening the lives of the Manshire Queen, the Captain of the Long Bows, the Queen’s husband, and the province.

Lieutenant Charles Cromwell, Argo’s Field Commander, has trained a militia six times larger than the Manshire Long Bow Knights. His vast battle experience makes him the perfect leader for Argo’s scheme.

The scheme is so well planned, the first elusive clues evaded Captain Oscar until the ransom letter arrived. Oscar must marshal all his skills and separate the reality from ruse provided by mysterious characters with ties to Argo.

Will Queen Althea, Captain Oscar, and his son, Kendrick, save Manshire from a crushing defeat? On short notice, can they out-think Argo with his well-developed plans and ultimately prevent his blatant threatening of assassination?




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