Three Quotes/Three Days Challenge… Oh no! (Day One)

Oh no! I was tagged by the lovely Herminia to do the three quotes/three days challenge. (Grr!) Being such a sweet, lovely person (Me  Herminia that is) I couldn’t really say, “No!”  …Could I? (Mm.)

So anyway, what this means is I’ve got to give three quotes within three days… one per day. Then I’ve got to curse  nominate three other bloggers with the same fate great opportunity.  So here goes… From one of my most beloved and endearing characters:


And I curse nominate:

Chris… You ape! 😀







19 thoughts on “Three Quotes/Three Days Challenge… Oh no! (Day One)

    1. Silly tag? !!!:D …wait ’til you see tomorrow’s (already scheduled which is how I do most my posts these days)


    1. That’s because Roughseas is a sneak, precious. Not like nice Smeagol who helps with blogs… What’s blogs, precious? Are they tasty? Are they juicy sweet?

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            1. It’s worth thinking about since I’m putting together a collection of short stories too… Oops! Let that one out of the bag!
              I didn’t gets Gollum of Patsies precious, Patsies come with nassty chips… G..grr..Gollum! They chokes us, precious! Chokes poor Smeagol they does!

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