4 Fun Ways to Market Your Book

Kathryn Jones has been publishing for many years. Her first article was published in 1987, and she has been writing and publishing ever since. Though an author, Kathryn also enjoys the marketing end of things and believes writers should not only know HOW to market but find new and creative ways to ENJOY it.

As of September 1, 2015, she has published 7 books – fiction and non-fiction, and has two books currently on the burner for next year. She will also be updating her popular book on marketing “Marketing Your Book on a Budget” in January.


4 Fun Ways to Market Your Book


Kathryn Elizabeth Jones


I don’t know about you, but the idea of book marketing used to be overwhelming. I liked marketing just about as much as I enjoyed cleaning out the refrigerator.

That is, until I realized that marketing could be fun and that I didn’t have to spend a million dollars (or any money really) to get the word out.

Here are my top 4 fun ways to market your book:

  1. Put together a book trailer. My favorite site is Animoto.com. At Animoto, decide on the music you want to add, the pictures you want to display and the text you want to use. For a 30 second video you pay nothing. Don’t think you can say enough in a 30 second video? You might be surprised. Consider all of the superfluous words that you’ll be able to cut so that your video will be crisp and tight.
  2. Do a blog radio interview. Scary? You bet. Rewarding? That’s a definite yes. There are many bloggers out there who do radio interviews. Blog Talk Radio, for example, has a list of interviewers and the authors who they interview.
  3. Do a book signing to remember. Nope, that doesn’t mean you sit behind a table and look bored. Rather, you create a book signing that is fun and engaging. I always stand at my book signings and greet those who pass by. My table is fun and creatively decorated. I read portions of my book, I have a book signing (any place) but a book store, I print off the first chapter of my newest book (not yet published) and hand these out along with my contact information. I have used postcards with my book and synopsis on one side and contact information on the other. I have teamed up with other writers and have put together a “writers helping writers” signing. I have even had book signings at craft fairs.
  4. Carry your new book with you. I usually have my newest book in my purse, another in my glove compartment or trunk. You really never know when you’ll be able to talk about your book and be able to sell it on the spot. It’s happened to me!

When it comes to loving marketing, it’s really as much about your attitude as it is about your creativity. Don’t get stuck in a box thinking that all you can do is reviews. Do reviews, but do more. You’ll be glad you did.

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