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J.E. Bolton


Knoxville, Tennessee


 A Short Bio

J.E. BOLTON was born on September 19, 1977 in LaFollette, Tennessee and was named Jason Eugene Bolton. At the age of fifteen, he published his first poem, “The Lighthouse” which went on to gain over twenty honors and independent literary Bolton got his first real break by publishing a weekly column in the Jellico Advance-Sentinel called “Shades of Grace” under the pseudonym Jason St. James. He is also credits author and book editor Michael Garrett, who has also worked with best-selling authors Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, as being his first book editor.

Bolton has garnered a total of over fifty honors and awards in the field of writing and poetry, and has also been published in numerous publications and international anthologies. He is the best-selling author of FOREVER AND A DAY, FETCH; A TRILOGY OF TERROR and POFESSOR HABERSHAW’S FAIRY TALES FOR GROWN-UPS.

Kev: What is your latest book about? 

The world-famous Habershaw Traveling Sideshow Company makes its way to various small towns. No one really sees it coming but somehow the show makes its way to your hometown one evening in June. Having lost your job, you find the HELP WANTED sign to be both convenient and enticing. The professor’s a rather eccentric gentleman, and it seems there’s no reason for you to second-guess your decision. That is, until you discover his latest sideshow attraction appropriately called, “PROFESSOR HABERSHAW’S FAIRY TALES FOR GROWN-UPS.”


Each tale has been carefully collected by Professor Habershaw himself for many years. Some stories are good while others would shock the most timid person. Be warned, my friends. Anyone who enters this particular attraction never exits. Professor Habershaw’s always on the lookout for new muses for his ever-growing collection of bizarre fairy tales. And if you’re not careful, you could become his next greatest story yet to be told.

Kev: Who or what influenced you to write it?

J.E.B.:  Professor Habershaw is based on a character in a book that was supposed to have been released about a year ago and something fell through—long story. Even though the project turned out to be halted, I was still so very fascinated with this particular character and wanted to write my next book surrounding him and his rather “unique” book.

Kev: Did you do any specialised research for your story?

J.E.B.:  Not really. It just all played out in my mind and the rest was history, so to speak.

Kev: What challenges did you face while writing the story?

J.E.B.:  Not any real challenges. I’m always the world’s worst procrastinator, but other than that there were no real challenges.

Kev:  Who is the protagonist?

J.E.B:  There’s actually two: there’s Professor Habershaw himself; and Conner Blaine, who’s having the story told from his point of view.

Kev: What would you say is the protagonist’s greatest weakness or obstacle and why?

J.EB.:  To focus the answer to this question primarily on Conner, his greatest weakness and obstacle throughout the story is he’s desperately looking for an escape from his life and while doing so he doesn’t…well…what you would say, “read the fine print.”  He jumps head-first without thinking about the “what ifs” of the scenario.

Kev: What would you say is the main antagonist’s greatest strength?

J.E.B.:  I’d say stubbornness and being extremely unreasonable toward anyone else’s needs and wants.

Kev: Could you provide a short passage from your book to give us a taster?

11217681_864717166944976_6664415122119412720_nFinally, there it is: a leather-bound book with no title. It sits dormant on a table in the center of the tent and appears as though it’s waiting to be opened. Its edges lightly glow with a light teal-tint. You walk closer to the book and begin to open it. The air in the room feels heavy, as you find it becoming slightly harder for you to breathe.

You approach the book and begin to open it. Then suddenly, SMACK! A pair of hands quickly shut the book closed, as you look up and see a man dressed as a ringmaster. Marvelling at the sight of this man is an understatement. You gape because you soon realize this must be Professor Harold J. Habershaw the Third.

“You must never approach this particular book unless it asks you to,” Professor Habershaw demands. “Do you understand?”

Curiosity becomes overwhelming for you, as you carefully study the book’s outer shell. “What’s so special about it?” You ask curious. “It looks like any other book.”

Professor Habershaw traces the front of the book with his cold, rigid fingers, grinning mischievously and looking up at you, piercing his gaze like a cold blue stare. “This is not your ordinary book,” he says. “It has certain properties: properties that have the power to change one’s world.”

Kev: Do you use some kind of formula when you write?

J.E.B.:  I like to “old school” it. I do rough drafts on paper away from the computer and just allow the words and ideas naturally flow through me and onto the notebook.

Kev: Preference for writing: Day or Night? 

J.E.B.:  Night, definitely!

Kev: What is your editing process?

J.E.B.:  I read, and re-read, polish, rinse and repeat. Just like washing hair, even though I’m bald. (laughing)

Kev: Who creates your book covers?

J.E.B.:  There’s a really awesome book cover illustration company who now does all my book covers. They blow me away every single time I see their talent. I think a really eye-catching book cover makes a huge difference in conveying to the reader what the book’s going to be about. I call it “the hook,” so to speak.

Kev: How do you promote your work?

J.E.B.:  Word-of-mouth and getting a loyal reading audience helps. Also, social networking helps, and any chance to network in general is good, too. Treat it like a business.

Kev: What advice would you offer to new authors?

J.E.B.:  Write something every day, even if it’s just a paragraph. Nothing writes itself. Also, never stop learning about the writing business, and understand it is a business. Read every book about writing and editing, attend workshops and learn from the best. Most of all learn to accept constructive criticism and never give up on your dreams. If your determination is unwavering and you follow through to the end, then anything is possible.

Kev: Which two social media platforms do you use the most and why? 

J.E.B.:  First, there’s my author page on Facebook (  And second, I am currently working my own website that should be visible soon.

Kev: Do you have a website? 

J.E.B.:  At the moment, it’s .

Kev: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

J.E.B:  I am currently working on my next book. It’s going to be book one in the Lymword Series—a three-book fictional fantasy series. It’s not going to be as adult-oriented and emotionally raw as my previous release. It’s going to be geared toward the young adult and adults-who-love-fantasy reading genre. It’s going to be a lot of fun! 

 j.e. Bolton, everyone!