The Devil’s Apology

51-nu3qJ6WL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_GIVEAWAY: 30th March 2016 – 3rd April 2016, I am giving away The Devil’s Apology!


SYNOPSIS: Witness the powers of the heavens as demons battle against angels in an almighty war using the weapons of the gods as the devil presents his side of the events to us in this short epic fantasy tale . Everything we though we knew is turned upside down, and we are given an ultimatum…Who will you believe? Which side will you choose?



    • Hi Dr Sweety, it’s good to see you again! Thank you so very much! I’ve read your review and I truly appreciate your straightforwardness and honesty.

      This was my first self-pub back in 2013 which was done more as an experiment in the publishing process using a short story I’d already written long before, more than anything else. I’m perfectly happy to get three stars! I much prefer this to someone throwing five-stars at a work I know not to be a worthy of them, even though it is my own.

      The cover was created from a stock image I purchased with permissions. I use Dreamstime and photobucket amongst others. I created the original cover using Amazon’s cover creator. 🙂

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      • Hi Kev.
        Thank you for being such a sport. [P.S – Have also posted review on Amazon.]

        I totally know how an author feels – and how euphoric a new review makes them. The worst readers are those who get a Giveaway copy or free copy and then starve the author for a review.
        Good, bad or ugly – any review keeps the book in circulation.
        All the best!

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        • So true! Lol, I had over 50 downloads on my give-away, you’re the only one to leave a review so far… so yes, extremely grateful! I see all reviews in a positive light. The way I look at it, even the greats receive negative reviews, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, be it rational or not. And for me, a three-star rating is positive… it’s a honest, fair rating. 🙂

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  1. I’ll try not to. 🙂 You’re most welcome, and you can stay as long as you like, whenever you like. 🙂


  2. Thanks Diana, This was my first publication which was done more for experimentation with the publishing process than anything else… hence being a short story by itself.


    • Grab a cuppa, relax on the sofa a short while, and enjoy the adventure! That’s the kind of read it is. 😉


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