Pegasus Colony

pegasuscolSYNOPSIS: Earth has made first contact with aliens.

The aliens are descends of the first humans to land on the plant Akiane. It was to be Earth’s and World Space Coalition’s greatest accomplishment, the colonization of a planet in the Pegasus Constellation. Unfortunately, WSC lost contact with the colonists. It was thought the project had failed.

Three hundred years later, by pure chance, a technician testing the latest communication update sent a message to the “failed” colony only to receive an answer, “We are here.”

WSC immediately sent a ship to investigate.

During their 328 years of isolation, the colonists have undergone genetic divergence and are no longer fully human. The alien environment has changed them. Now the change is braking down their DNA. They’re a people destined for extinction unless scientists from Earth can discover the cause of the problem and a cure to save them.

Time is running out. Of the several thousand who once thrived in the colony less than 250 still live and except for two, everyone is infected.

REVIEW: I love the story line and the mysteries found in this work, and the grammar is pretty solid… However, there are simply too many distractions:

Thirteen year olds working on masters degrees, too many young people working on multiple Phd’s, and the amount of times this is mentioned kind of ruins the story… It’s definite overkill.

The other problem was, the change in POV wasn’t consistent and therefore didn’t really work.

As it stands, I gave it three stars, but I’m sure that with a bit of work, this could be a really excellent sci-fi novel.



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