Steven Topcliff loves gaming but doesn’t believe in fairies or magic – until tricky cousin Tracy drags him away from his game console and gets him to press a red button on a mysterious stone they find in the local park.  The stone turns out to be a one-way gateway to Fairyland, where nature rules supreme and technology is banned by law!

Steven hates Fairyland – there are no video games, no chicken nuggets and no one tells the truth. The inhabitants are dangerous, sometimes deadly, and the Land itself is a living being that deals out instant magical punishments to lawbreakers. He has to deal with spiteful goblins, an out-of-control shapeshifter who insists on being his best mate, and the diva-like Fairy Queen who embroils him in some mysterious game of her own. Steven is a boy who plays to win, but there’s no controlling this dimension with a console – he must use magic to survive and get home.

This Fairyland is a perilous place where one wrong move can mean instant death, but it also provides moments of absurd humour.  Children will identify with Steven, a reluctant hero for our times, and gladly follow him on this empowering adventure.  Gaming fans will feel his pain at being separated from his console, and all readers will understand his longing to return home to his family.






Annabelle Franklin lives on South Wales’s Gower coast, in an area of outstanding natural beauty that provides plenty of inspiration for fairy tales and fantasy. She has published one other children’s book, The Slapstyx, and her short story Mercy Dog appears in Unforgotten (Accent Press), an award-winning anthology themed around WW1.

Annabelle is currently working on a new paranormal series for children and a short story for a horror anthology.



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