You’ve Got Bunyip in Ya!

29915998SYNOPSIS: Tomorrow is Bruno’s last day of school for the year. But the full moon makes everything strange.
Granny gives him Bill’s Big Book of Bunyips to read.
Will this explain why there is fur growing down his arms, and who keeps painting the funny faces and breaking the farm fences?
Bruno’s neighbours, the Stickwhistles, want to drain his beloved swamp to build their pineapple cannery.
To save the swamp, Bruno talks to the animals and climbs the Big Pimple to find out who he really is.

For 5-10 year olds

REVIEW: I enjoyed reading this children’s work and I have no doubt that many young children will enjoy it also. The illustrations are a really nice touch.

The reason I gave it four stars is because, while it is well written, there were a couple of places in the story that lost me. Other than that, it’s a truly wonderful tale.


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