Ooh Matron!

25991046SYNOPSIS: Sarah Jane has no career aspirations, all she wants is to leave school, work as a cashier at Woolworths and get married. Then everything changes and she finds herself wearing a fluorescent pink uniform and studying to get into Nursing School. What inspired this surprising change of direction? What happens when she leaves home to live in a garrison town with a housemate who is a party animal? The big question being, is she really cut out to be a nurse?
Let’s start at the beginning with Sarah Jane as a sixteen-year-old country girl, a bit old fashioned but who has a mischievous sense of humour and who suddenly decides she wants to be a nurse!

REVIEW: I had no idea that so much was involved in becoming a nurse. Even back in the eighties, from passing O-levels to A-levels and on through the in-depth, hands-on training to obtaining one’s diploma and entering the field full-on.

Of course today, student nurses are expected to complete a full university degree and with the consistent developments in nursing this is completely understandable. This is where this particular work is invaluable, because it explores the differences between the student nurse of the eighties to the student nurse of today.

In addition to the invaluable information pertaining to student nursing, there are moments of laughter, hope, and sadness as Sarah shares the experiences she has had in a very conversational, yet deeply professional manner.

This marvellous and easy to read five-star work is a must-read for any student nurse.


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