An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes

Cynthia Reyes has done it again. Picking up from the early days of her recovery from a car accident, as told in her first book, A Good Home, she shares in this new book intensely lyrical stories of life with her husband Hamlin in their historic farmhouse north of Toronto.


You will hear the birds sing, smell the flowers in their lavish gardens, and taste the red currant jelly and other dishes from plants grown on their property.

You will be challenged as the author immerses you in the reality of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and the courage it takes to live with chronic pain. And you will say a wrenching farewell to the farmhouse as she opens a new chapter in a life still devoted to creating beauty out of the materials life serves up to her, be they dark and haunting or light and joyful.

The Background Story for, An Honest House

This is the first full book I have written from scratch. The other book – A Good Home – was written over 33 years.

The doctor in charge of my rehabilitation treatment ordered me to “write!”.

That’s because I made no sense when I tried to explain things.

She directed me to keep a daily record of everything I felt and thought, and everything that happened to me.

Whenever we met, I shared those records with her.

Remember too that PTSD and pain keep its victims awake at night. What to do then? Write!!

The last chapters of A Good Home came from those journals. Almost all of this book was written from the contents of nearly thirty journals and notebooks. (Plus conversations reconstructed with the persons named in the book, and the research done by my therapist.)

I had tremendous support. With the help of one doctor, one therapist who turned around and did the research, two mentors, two editors and one publisher, those journals and notebooks were turned into a book. It took nearly three years.

It was extremely painful to write. I ran away from this book several times.

Hamlin taught me courage. You will understand what I mean when you read the book.

Even so, I learned to be sensible. I started it in Autumn 2013, got triggered and put the book away several times when reading those journals.

I finally completed the full draft on April 16 and my editors and publisher took over, working furiously to get it out in May. The official released is the end of May, though it’s on Amazon now.

…Cynthia Reyes

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Cynthia doing a reading
Cynthia doing a reading

Praise for the author’s previous book, A Good Home


“…full of warmth, deep emotions, and a vibrant understanding of just what a home can mean.” —YVONNE BLACKWOOD, author of Into Africa: The Return


“Reyes’ glass is almost always half full, but ours, as we read her uplifting story, always brims over.” —COLIN McALLISTER and JUSTIN RYAN,


…There is magic in these words.” —DEBRA USHER, President and Editor-in-Chief, Arabella Magazine


“…proves — word by word, line by line, and page by page — you can go home again.” —LEE GOWAN, author of Confession


“… contains some of the most moving and recognizable accounts of happiness and grief that I have ever come across.” —HILARY CUSTANCE GREEN, author of Surviving the Death Railway: A POW’s Memoir and Letters from Home.


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