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Animal_Tales_Cover_for_KindleAnimal Tales is a lovely collection of short stories and poetry about cats, dogs, birds, and even a mouse wins admiration. Most of these tales were inspired by real life events. 

Proceeds from Animal Tales are donated to the RSPCA, and other Animal Rescue Centres. So far PDFs has been forwarded to three people for their charities to set up as a free download directly from their charity website allowing them to retain 100% of any proceeds. 

To obtain a free PDF copy for your centre directly, please contact me by email. (You must be able to provide evidence of association with your animal charity to obtain a copy.)

To buy a copy from Amazon: AMAZON US / AMAZON UK.


Reflections_This is a collection of poetry and songs. Some of the poems in this collection were originally published traditionally in a couple of different poetry anthologies in the US.

If you like poetry about life, love, relationships…

love songs, and musing about things we can’t truly explain, like dreams or Déjà vu, Reflections may open up those feelings of wonder anew. 🙂

Createspace – Amazon US – Amazon UK – Barnes & Noble 


51-nu3qJ6WL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_A short Christian fantasy where the devil gives his account of what went on between himself and God.

Witness the powers of the heavens as demons battle against angels in an almighty war using the weapons of the gods as the devil presents his side of the events to us. Everything we though we knew is turned upside down, and we are given an ultimatum…Who will you believe? Which side will you choose?



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    1. I promise to make things up to you when I come out with Animal Tales 2… Hamster dudes will have their very own tale! 😁

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