The Seven Year Dress

FRONT COVER The Seven Year Dress KINDLE(1) copyThe Seven Year Dress has been a long time in the making and a difficult story to write, centering around a woman I rented a room with while in college: a concentration camp survivor. This is her story and although it is fictionalized many of the historical events are accurate and much about her life is as she told it to me. All the profits from all of my books go to help get dogs out of kill shelters. In advance, I want to thank everyone who purchases one of my books and takes the time to write a review. Reviews help to promote the book and that helps dogs.

Adobe Photoshop PDFOne of the darkest times in human history was the insane design and execution to rid the world of Jews and “undesirables.” At the hands of the powerful evil madman Adolf Hitler, families were ripped apart and millions were slaughtered. Persecution, torture, devastation, and enduring the unthinkable remained for those who lived. This is the story of one woman who lived to tell her story. This is a narrative of how a young beautiful teenager, Helen Stein, and her family were torn asunder, ultimately bringing her to Auschwitz. It was there she suffered heinous indignity at the hands of the SS. It was also there, in that death camp, she encountered compassion, selfless acts of kindness, and friendship. Written by the award winning, best selling author of His Name Was Ben, comes a story of the resilience of the human spirit that will leave you thinking about Helen Stein and The Seven Year Dress for years to come after the last page is shut.

Mahurin skillfully intertwines fact into fiction in this story of death and survival, of hate and ultimately love. The brutality as Jews were isolated and persecuted; the horror of life in the concentration camps – all come into sharp focus rich with historical detail. Carol Bodensteiner author of Go Away Home

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