Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy, and Pacifyin’ is for Kids! #RRBC

20986637SYNOPSIS: Ever have things on your mind that you really want to get off, but you’re afraid you might hurt someone’s feelings? OR, you’re afraid someone just might get upset and BLOW UP at you? Well, NONNIE Jules speaks her mind and tells it like it is and she hopes that after reading this book, you will follow her lead! Her gift to you: A Backbone in a Book!

Author NONNIE Jules is sharing her straight-forward, shoot-from-the-hip method of saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. She has taken some of her most controversial and amusing blog posts and put them together in this one book for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

REVIEW: How does one pack so much energy and enthusiasm into such a short work? Now, Nonnie might well be the kind of person who speaks her mind, no matter what the topic of conversation, but that’s because she’s got a big personality… and it really comes out in this work.

I didn’t give this work five stars because it’s a fabulous novel, a killer mystery, superb sci-fi/fantasy, or soul-touching memoir… It’s none of these and was never meant to be. I gave it five stars because it touches upon so many things that truly resonated with me, and because I have no doubt whatsoever, you will find something that resonates with you, dear reader.

From simply blogging to writing; from publishing to marketing; from social media to serious current day issues, this short book touches on it all… and some. You’ll find yourself nodding as you recall similar experiences, you may wonder, Why didn’t I think of that? You might find yourself chuckling over Nonnie Nation, getting serious about bullying, and violence, and you might realize that, Nonnie is the kind of person you’d like in your corner when you’ve got a whole lot of ugly coming at ye.

Whatever you might come away with, Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy and Pacifyin’ is for Kids!… is well worth the read.


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  1. Not on my kindle until now, Kev. Heading over to pick it up now. Love your reviews, succinct and powerful. You keep me buying more books and sharing your awesome reviews. Looking forward to this one too, Nonnie!

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