My Second Novel is Published!

Phyllis has finally done it folks… Check it out!


Here is the press release announcing the publication of Storm’s Coming:

It’s here! Phyllis Moore’s second novel in the People of Akiane Trilogy storm's coming ebook Amazon

In the year 2132, the World Space Coalition sent three ships to establish Earth’s first galactic colony in the Pegasus Constellation. They were never heard from again.

Three hundred years later, a radio technician discovered that the colony survived. WSC sent a spaceship to reconnect with the people of Akiane. The descendants of the colonists, under the assumption that WSC abandoned the original colonists, want nothing to do with anything or anyone from Earth.

In Pegasus Colony, the first book of the trilogy Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt is ordered to the colony as a negotiator, something for which she is ill equipped.

In the second, the just-released Storm’s Coming, WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Hewitt to join an expedition to establish relationships and appease…

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