51a3Vza9Q+L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_SYNOPSIS: This is the story of life. It is about love and relationships; about the importance of family; about how real life and human emotions invariably mess each of these up. It looks at death, divorce and dating; losing loved ones; family feuds and other intertwined issues; grief and stress and how we seek to cope (or spectacularly fail to do so) with all that fate and fortune throws at us on our journey through life. It is a series of personal anecdotes intertwined with the author’s view of the world, both then as it happened and especially now he is older and hopefully much wiser. It is written with the benefit of hindsight. If he had had such clarity and understanding at the time, much of it would never have happened. But he didn’t. As we all know: “To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid”

REVIEW: Sadly, I cannot recommend this work. It has to be one of the worst I’ve ever read, but before I get into the why? I will say that, it could have been so much more. There is a story here, but it’s not the story that’s being told.

The story it should have been is one of how a terrible car accident caused the death of the driver’s girlfriend. The driver survived,  but the disaster had such a profound effect upon his life, it continually influenced his decisions in life, and here’s how he came to terms with it all… Something like that.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sign of remorse, and rather a string of excuses as to how none of this was his fault from where he goes on to mention the conquers in his life and how, in all honesty, all men are after the same thing… very sad.

On top of the above I’ve mentioned, the grammar is awful, there is no cohesiveness to the story… it’s all over the place like it was written ad hoc and just left that way. I thought several of the chapters or parts thereof belonged elsewhere in the book… I don’t know.

This only proves what I’ve said to several people. Anyone can throw words on a page. That doesn’t mean anyone can be a writer. It requires a special set of skills and hard work to be a writer. Moreover, we might ‘all have a book in us,’ but that doesn’t mean we all have the skills necessary or the ability to write that book.

I couldn’t even give a one star rating to the work above, and therefore didn’t place the review on Amazon or Goodreads. Why is it here? This book was actually entered for The Diamond Book Awards and  consequently rejected with entry fee reimbursed. This resulted in my revision for the entry requirements for the award… I thought charging a fee to enter would prevent such books from being entered. How wrong was I?!

…Here endeth the lesson.



    • I try my best to remain constructive and positive with reviews… even 1-2 star ones. This was difficult for me, but needed to be done as I run a serious and honest review service.

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    • I hate to say it, but it actually felt like that too when the full realisation hit me that this guy thinks he’s God’s gift to readers… from his responses. But, he does come across that way in his book so it didn’t exactly surprise me, I had to try all the same, but never again. .

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty mind-blowing. It goes to prove that even indie authors should hire a professional editor, or–at the very least–line up a ton of beta readers. So sad. I really liked your quote regarding that we might all have a book in us but not all of us have the necessary skills to write the book. So true.

    And giving the entrance fee back? That’s just a class act.

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    • It’s works like this that make indie authors look bad and fuel those arguments for traditional publishers that are set against us, Mae. Unfortunately, there is a tsunami of works like this out there. We must be vigilant as indie authors and write to the best of our ability to maintain our integrity. We all need good editors.

      Glad you like my quote. Feel free to use it if you like. 😀

      I was respectful and also offered advice and other help, but it was a waste of time.

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