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Myths of the Mirror


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I accidentally hit the publish button on my Happiness Tag post last Tuesday. It was supposed to be today’s post. Oops. So I’m filling the slot with a little unabashed book promotion for the long weekend. The timing of the promotion and the accidental need for a Friday post is entirely coincidental, I swear.

The Bone Wall is a grim and gritty post-apocalyptic fantasy.
So tender readers beware.

The Blurb:

Blue light ripples and crackles as the shield walls fracture. The remnants of a doomed civilization stand vigil outside, intent on plunder and slaves, desirous of untainted blood to strengthen their broken lives. With the poisons, came deformities and powers, enhanced senses and the ability to manipulate waves of energy—lightbenders and fire-wielders.

For those who thrived for generations within the walls, the broken world looms, strange and deadly, slowly dying. While the…

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