30192488SYNOPSIS: In a land on the brink of war, Gryff Worden finds his family slaughtered in his farmyard. Mortally wounded, he stumbles upon a timekeeper, an old woman from a foreign land who tracks the infinite paths of each life. She offers him a sunwield, a medallion that returns him to the critical choices that altered his life’s journey.

Now his story remakes itself through the sunwield, returning him repeatedly to moments of decision and death, his old life gone, the purpose of the medallion burning his chest forgotten. As he uncovers the power of the sunwield, new choices lead him on an epic journey through war, death, friendship, life, and love.


Another unique work. D Wallace Peach has a true gift of originality. This is the second work I have read of hers, the first being, The Sorcerer’s Garden, which she wrote later; both are like nothing I have read before and each completely different.

The concept of the ability to change one’s path by returning to a specific moment in time to change a decision that proved to be a turning point in life is nothing short of the ultimate intrigue. Who wouldn’t wish they could do that? What I really liked is the lack of control over it… And then, What if you got it wrong again? Okay, I’m teasing now! (Grin)

Having said that, I had to get used to the repetitive scenarios and I guess that’s why it didn’t captivate me as well as her other work did. However, the characters are very strong, and the writing is very good.


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  1. Sounds like we agree in our taste for great bloggers and writers, Robin. Thank you so much for your support! 😊


  2. This is a wonderful author for you to interview and feature. Diana is one of my favorite bloggers, as well as knowing how well she writes her flash fiction, her WIP snippets and every comment she makes is so genuine~ makes her a great friend, too!
    Thanks for featuring her here, Kev!


      1. Oops, careful there, Diana. Hero’s a bit strong… You’ll have folks volunteering me to do something risky! Best save that for real heroes. 😀 😀 😀

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