Miedo 3 (Serialisation) Episode 3

Miedo 3: Fragments of Fear

Chapter Two:

New Beginnings

Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity. Gilda Radner


“The dead finally arises!”

Mike was sitting at the small table in the kitchen as I wandered through, eating some white stuff from a breakfast bowl. His wavy red hair looked a bit unkempt and he was looking at me with keen, bright blue eyes as he spoke with a grin on his face. He is a quiet-spoken man, older, and completely opposite to his brunette, brown-eyed sister I married who likes to project her voice at every opportunity and is rather proud of her ability to do so.

I could tell straight away that he was the kind of person who didn’t give a damn what people thought of him, and I liked that.

“Oh, morning Mike… Er, it is morning right?”

“Yep, but it’s Wednesday, you slept all the way through yesterday.” He said still grinning.


“Jet lag ‘ll do that to ya! You’ll be hungry. Here, want some grits?” he say’s offering me a bowl and pulling a packet that was as plain as the stuff in his bowl, from out of a box on the table.

“Did I seriously miss a d… Grits? What’s that?”

“You don’t have grits in England?”

“We have grit, but that’s something we throw on the roads mixed with salt to melt ice.” I replied, laughing.

“You can put salt on this too, it definitely helps, but I recommend, syrup.” He laughed back.

He was right. On their own, grits is the most tasteless vile thing I’d ever eaten.

“I hope Ellen is ok with me sleeping a day away. Where is she anyway?”

“Oh I wouldn’t worry ‘bout that. She’s over at WKU and asked me to drop by and look in on you while she finishes her classes today. She’ll be done in a couple of hours and we’ll be going out to eat. I gotta scoot soon and go get ready for work, but you’ll be Ok here with Nammie ‘til Ellen gets back.”

“Well, hello handsome, I see yer finally done gone woke up from yer beauty sleep. Has Mike bin taken good care of yers?”

“Hi Nammie, Er, yes he has. Thanks for having me, by the way.”

“Nonsense, besides, you’re all mine now. Ellen only thinks she has you.” She said laughing. At that Mike got up, kissed Nammie on the cheek and excused himself.

I sat and chatted with Nammie for a while in the living room. She sat on a single divan which she had there along the wall and I sat in one of the two arm-chairs on the opposite side of the living room which was rather narrow and long, but cozy.  Shortly afterwards Nammie’s friend, Ms Goertz with whom she was visiting when I first awoke, popped in. Nammie introduced us, but I couldn’t understand a word that Ms Goertz was saying, so I simply nodded and smiled, then quickly excused myself, stating that I’d like to have a look around the place and become familiar with it.

Heading out the door and straight down the corridor on my first adventure, I took the lift down. I thought nothing of it when I pushed the “ground” button. It made perfect sense that ground would take me to the bottom floor where I could exit and start my little adventure of familiarization.

It has to have been the fastest lift I’d ever been in. Damn, this is great!

The lift doors opened to the basement. So much for what makes sense. The basement was dark and had an ominous feel to it. Immediately realising this was not my intended destination, I quickly pushed the floor one button. No way in hell I’m getting out here! Hurry up… come on! I knew something evil was watching me… Come on! I pushed the floor one button a few more times while straining to see through the darkness. Oh shit, did something move over there? The lift door finally closed. Phew! Good thing I didn’t start to panic. Thankfully the lift was just as fast going up as coming down.

The doors opened to beautiful bright sunlight shining through two double doors that led out of the towers. I almost skipped towards them.

It was hot and humid in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Opening those doors was like opening an oven; a gust of hot air hit me in the face. I had never experienced anything like it. I stepped out into the Tower’s parking lot, made my way onto College street and proceeded to cross the road. I looked the wrong way before I stepped out and almost got hit by a car.

The person in the car honked at me and shouted all kinds of expletives at me. I was still trying to figure out why he was driving down the wrong side of the road. What an idiot… He could’ve killed me! It wasn’t until I’d walked down a few streets that I realised everybody was doing it. What amazed me more was how the traffic lights were suspended upon wires across the streets. At least they use the same colours… Thank God!

A huge black flying insect came fleeting by my head and quite took me by surprise. What is that? I became quite mesmerised by it while at the same time a little wary. Then I realised it was two together and they split up and danced around each other in the air. I learned from Mike later on that they were wasps.

I didn’t venture far, I was too busy standing around half the time taking things in and to make sure I looked both ways before I crossed a street… just in case. Plus, it was so darn hot! When I got back to the apartment, Ellen was back.

“There you are, I thought we were going to have to send out a search party!” She said smiling, then she kissed me and asked me about my morning. I retold the whole story starting from breakfast with her brother, Mike.

“He did not give you grits? Oh my God! Well, don’t worry, were going out to eat as soon as dad gets here and we’ll get you something proper to eat.”

“That sounds good, I’m bloody starving!”


I do hope you enjoyed this first part of chapter two and appreciate any comments and suggestions to things that could be improved. I hope to have the concluding part to chapter two ready for you soon. If you have missed the first two episodes, you can find them on my Miedo page. Thanks again for all your support. 


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  1. I’ve had grits before…a few times, a few different ways. I think they must be an acquired taste and one I haven’t developed yet, LOL.

    A nice look at the routine of life, Kev. I liked the casual feel. As a suggestion, I would comb through again and look for repetitious words close together. Sometimes that “echo” stands out. In those cases, I would change one of the words to something different to kill that echo.

    Just a thought…

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    1. I didn’t want to acquire the taste for grits, and therefore didn’t give them the chance. lol.

      Glad you like it, Mae. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated and duly noted… Thanks so very much for sharing that! 🙂


  2. I love being drawn in to the description of someone experiencing the common, familiar stuff (to me) for the first time … the heat, the traffic, well – except for the grits. I’ve never had grits and they aren’t sounding so appetizing 🙂

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