Davey & Derek Junior Detectives: The Case of the Missing Cell Phone

25473208SYNOPSIS:  Davey and Derek Donato are twins, but not identical, who love to play detective. They are always ready for adventure living in the sleepy little town of Lindon where nothing ever happens. They overhear about a sixth grader who lost her cell phone. The fifth grader twins kick into detective mode to solve their first case with the help of their friend, Mickey Catonni, aka Cat. Things don’t seem to add up when a bully gets into the mix.

REVIEW: This is a delightful story; an enjoyable read for any middle grade child, and younger ones who are up on their reading.

The case of the Missing Cell Phone is the first case for the twin brothers who are fifth graders. They soon find out that being junior detectives is not easy work, especially when enquiries lead them to questioning boys who are in the sixth grade and much bigger than themselves. Add to that one who happens to be a bully… Then there are other complications as the mystery unfolds; things are not so straight forward as they may seem, and even the police become involved.

The book is very well written. The conversational level and dialect are spot on. I wanted to be a boy again and be there, in on the action. If I had read this as a child, I would have been transported into Davey & Derek’s world in an instant. Both boys and girls alike will enjoy this book… it’s a gem.

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