Tranquil Fury

22237501SYNOPSIS: Four high school students shook their heads in disbelief; Lauren and Logan, fraternal twins, Eric the football captain, and John the intellectual prodigy, as they looked up to the three suns blazing high in the sky, and wondered, what had happened. As they scanned the horizons they could see nothing but deserted grasslands, and had no idea of where they were, but they were not on Earth. They remembered seeing the mountains from their bus windows, and the accident, as they now stared at that evidence in the field of tall grass. And lying unconscious, Zack and Ryan. What started off as a normal school day, quickly changed into one the oddest day of their young lives.

Then they see one lone traveller heading their way, and he offers his assistance to take their injured friends to the ‘healers.’ With no other choice, they accept, but their oddest day, quickly becomes even more peculiar. Their trip leads to a truly unusual forest, then to elves, and then to dwarves. And it is at the dwarven Ironhouse Mine, that the adventure truly begins. Here some of the mysteries are revealed, but others are also presented. And one of those mysteries is a six foot long sword, made by four foot tall dwarfs, but it lacks a name, and champion.

In book one of the Anti-Matter Chronicles, Tranquil Fury, you will find a fresh, fast paced adventure, with unique characters, odd circumstances, unusual events, with an exceptional and original story line. Unlike most epic novels, where one character has a foreboding sense of the underlying currents, in the Anti-Matter Chronicles, the unknown has already embraced the resident characters as they wait to welcome the six new cast members. And it is with their insight, that the truth is realized, and the real threats discovered.

REVIEW: I really wanted this to be good. The premise for this work is good, and the story has a lot of potential. There is some originality which, for me puts this between two and three stars, but there were far too many errors to make it three. PG basically stumbled on all the common beginner writer’s errors in this work. Adverbs, preps, overuse of Gerunds/Participles… or a dozen uses of “having” in one paragraph for example. Far too many repetitions. It’s a shame because this could be a really good story.

I’d recommend at least running this through Grammarly/Prowritingaid or some other such basic free editing tool, and then getting a couple or more beta readers take a look at it. Although none of these should be used as a substitute for hiring an editor. Have it doctored PG and go for a second edition.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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  1. I appreciate the honesty of your review, Kev. I could see how grammatical errors took away from the story… but I’m glad you stuck with it and got through the book so you could tell us about it in full.

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    1. It’s very difficult to stick with a book to the end sometimes Christy, but I always give it a go. Lately however, I’ve found myself putting them down more and more. I’m going to have to decide how many times is enough to skip the review rather than kill myself to get through a difficult read.


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