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Jack Strange

Jack Strange has had a very varied career.
He’s worked in a morgue, dug holes for a living, shifted heavy things on and off trucks, sold advertising space, and was, for a while, a Lawyer. 
He’s always read voraciously and has wanted to be a novelist since the age of ten. He wrote his first novel aged fourteen (it wasn’t very good but he’s come on a bit since then).
Jack’s favourite modern authors include Russell H. Greenan, Jerzy Kosinski, Jim Thompson, and Simon Kernick (and a great many more – far too many to mention). 
He enjoys parties and keeps himself fit. He is married with two adult daughters.
If you want to get in touch with Jack, you can email him at: 
Or contact him on Twitter: @jackstrange11
website: www.jack-strange.co.uk
Author page with his publisher:


Zomcats Master Cover WEBPAGE


RELEASED ON: 01/10/2016

Contact: KGHH Publishing, kensington_gore@yahoo.co.uk

SECOND BOOK by Jack Strange Huddersfield UK.

WORLDWIDE, 2016 –KGHH Publishing are proud to announce the release of ZOMCATS!

ZOMCATS! is a horror story with satire and plenty of bite. It’s a sequel of sorts to Jack Strange’s top selling Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, but can equally well be read as a stand-alone novel.

It doesn’t hold back. This highly entertaining, laugh out loud, gory horror classic, in the style of James Herbert’s The Rats, is a real page turner. Don’t risk reading it when you’re on your own – the shocking ending will leave you weak at the knees!


Cats and their humans have always lived peacefully together – Ancient Egyptians worshiped them, musicals have been written about them, the internet goes Gaga for them – Zomcats! Dumps all that into the litter tray of life.

This ain’t no cute, cuddly kitten zombie story. ZOMCATS! by Jack Strange does for cuddly felines what James Herbert’s horror classic The Rats did for rodents.

It’s violent, horror laced mayhem with savage satire and devilish dark humour.

The action starts on the first page and doesn’t stop till the shocking cliff hanger climax on the last.

Zomcats! When their nine lives are up they come back from the dead!

“Strange writes Zomcats! as though he’s on a mixture of speed and catnip!”

Kensington Gore


THE AUTHOR: Jack Strange is available for interviews and appearances.

Jack Strange is @jackstrange11 on Twitter & can be found at http://www.jack-strange.co.uk/

For book presentations, media appearances, interviews, and book-signings contact: kensington_gore@yahoo.co.uk

ATTACHED: Cover of the book designed by Graeme Parker, and a press shot of author Jack Strange.



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