All I Can Say

all-i-can-sayMy latest music release, All I Can Say is now available from iTunes and on Googleplay. It will be coming to AmazonMp3 and other retail sites shortly.

All I Can Say is a power ballad (Well… My attempt at on anyway) where the singer is trying to convey that saying, ‘I Love You’ is all that can be said, yet in reality mere words are not enough to express the depth of their relationship.

For those of you who are interested, I have updated my Albums page to include links to my Songcast music profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube where you can also listen to my latest single releases. There are also options to follow me on Soundcloud and/or Youtube.

I know that a lot of my supporters prefer AmazonMp3, therefore I have placed links to all my singles currently available on AmazonMp3 in the widget section for easy access. All I Can Say will be added to these widgets as it becomes available.



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