The Tiger Fierce

31824743SYNOPSIS: About three-and-a-half years ago, Timmy put his paw to writing a guest post for a blog for the first time, and it turned out to be the most popular post of the year. He hasn’t looked back since.

Most recently, he has demonstrated that it actually is possible to teach an old Cat new tricks. He has recently published a book, and has now converted into an ebook. You are looking at it. Enjoy!

$1 Cdn from each soft cover book sold of the first print run was designated for a local animal shelter – Richmond Animal Protection Society. They provide shelter and new homes for a large variety of animals, and they are home to Canada’s largest cat shelter.

Fifty cents from every ebook sold for the first 100 books will also go to the same shelter. Thank you for your support.

REVIEW: This is a most enjoyable little work that had me chuckling a couple of times. The photos of Timmy the cat are adorable. I enjoyed the presentation, but had hoped for more imagination and possibly a bit of fantasy woven in, especially given the title. However, it was a brave effort and is my hope that the author will take what I’ve shared and make more promising any further adventures from Timmy.





  1. The cat looks a lot like my old cat Rusty, who had kidney, thyroid and bladder infection. The poor old boy. The kidney disease on its own could have been manageable and so would have the thyroid. The painful bladder infection was to much for him and he didn’t respond well to meds.
    You have a handsome cat.

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  2. I like the idea of more imagination and fantasy woven in. Timmy could really have fun with that! As for this book, I really enjoyed it — as did my senior Mom. It’s getting good reviews from all ages.

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      • i really appreciate that you are honest with your reviews, Kev. am glad that you got a couple of smiles out of the book.
        however i must say i was startled to read that you would like to possibly have seen some fantasy in the book, as in the last 30+ guest posts Timmy has never been anything but almost non-fictional. not sure if you had a chance to check out any of his posts. however i will certainly mull it over for a future book. the next couple of stories i have in mind don’t have an aspect of fantasy to them, so will see how it goes….
        thanks again for your vote of confidence. i have reblogged your post and put it up on Facebook as well.

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        • When I said fantasy in this case, I wasn’t meaning wizards and magic or anything like that. I simply meant more imagination as to Timmy’s adventure/exploration… ie; his thoughts. Keeping it non-fictional is perfectly fine… My cat stories are all completely non-fictional, so I understand exactly where you are coming from. Sorry if I confused you somewhat with what I said. I have no doubt I will enjoy your following works and they will be even better. The more we write and publish, the better we get. Hope this helps and keep up the good work. 😊


          • really appreciate this, Kev. thank you for clarifying. this makes so much sense to me now. very good advice. will definitely be thinking about this and implementing it in future books!
            thanks again. cheers & blessings!

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  3. I’m sure if I had a medium ( or extra large) Oscar would be congratulating Timmy about now. At least I’m not forced to play secretary for mine anymore while he hogs the glory.
    Congratulations Timmy and obviously you as well Kev. I hope the book goes well.

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