Author of the Month… Annabelle Franklin!


Annabelle Franklin’s, Gateway To Magicย has won her the Book of the Month Spotlight which means a direct link to purchase her book from Amazon will be posted in my widget column for a whole month! It’s there now… Check it out! Well done, Annabelle!

If you missed my review on Annabelle’s Book, check it out here: Gateway To Magic.ย Don’t forget to click on the book cover in my widget column for more information and to buy from it from Amazon.



  1. I found your blog because of book reviews, and it was great you checked out my art blog, however, the only bits of writing in English (since I’m a native Latvian, just living in Canada) are on my secondary blog, most often as “The soothing Sunday thoughts”:
    I can speak, write and communicate in 4 languages fluently, so, the attempt to reach the same level of expression as in my native language is a long-term task.
    I didn’t know you were familiar with Cynthia’s books, I think that’s what took me here. Cynthia lives not far from my place. I am discovering new writers on your blog, and that serves as a guide and helps finding new reads.

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    • Hi Inese, it’s great to have you here. zFour languages is rather impressive. I only know three myself and am fluent in only two.. I’m glad we have a common ground with book reviews and Cynthia. I shall check out your other blog. Happy blogging! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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