The 2016 Diamond Book Awards Winner Is…

a2e59a0b-f779-418f-906c-301ad2d14b7aIt is with great pleasure I can announce, Cynthia Reyes has gratefully received the 2016 Diamond Book Award for her memoir, An Honest House.

Cynthia sent me the picture to the left displaying her book and her engraved, diamond-shaped crystal glass award.

Join me and the DBA panel as we celebrate Cynthia’s well-earned award!

Below is a link to the DBA Review of the book that won Cynthia this year’s Diamond Book Award:

An Honest House

Congratulations Cynthia!


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  1. Well deserved! Cynthia is a captivating and talented author whose style is riveting. Her vulnerability in expressing her life story shows great courage. I was moved as I read every page, delighted with her writing style, and can’t wait for the next book. Congratulations, Cynthia!

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