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win_20161009_14_01_40_proI’ve done a lot of much-needed updates on the blog over the past couple of days. The most important being the new widget in my side-bar for this year’s winner of The Diamond Book Awards. (And my charming new photo of course)

  • You can now see the picture of Cynthia Reyes’ memoir, An Honest House with The Diamond Book Award displayed next to it near the top of my widget area. This is also a direct link to where you can check it out using Amazon’s “look inside” feature and buy the book. This will be displayed in the widget area until it is replaced by next year’s winner. That’s a whole year folks!


  • I’ve also added a sub-menu page for The Diamond Book Awards that provides links to all the Award winner’s celebration posts.


  • Last week I added a list of links for all the lucky authors who have won the Author/Book of the Month spotlight for the current year on my Author/Book of the Month page. Each link takes you to a particular author’s spotlight post.


  • I have combined and condensed all author/book exposure services I do onto one page with one request form to make it easier for folk to contact me regarding interviews, guest posts, special offers, and new releases etc.


  • Finally, to avoid becoming overwhelmed with book review requests, I have made a couple of much-needed revisions to my book review policy page… Please, please, please do read before requesting a review. I am more likely to accept requests from those who are familiar with my policy.

Over the next couple of months I will be reviewing and revising The Diamond Book Awards page in preparation for the 2017 submissions. It’s going to be a very exciting year folks!




24 thoughts on “New Features!

    1. Just catching up on stuff really, Mae. I tend to neglect my blog at times, especially when I’m focused on other things like the DBA and my music… and then there’s many times, to be honest, I just can’t be arsed. 😁


  1. All looking great, Kev. Nice to see that “uncategorised’ does not appear in your categories list. That one always drives me mad. Are you rereleasing ‘Christmas Time’ this year? It was a big hit in our household last year.

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    1. Hi Hugh… I completely get that about uncategorised! 😁 Yes, I will be setting up another promo for it and will be putting it on youtube as well… Thanks for asking. We need to catch up to discuss an interview… Will send you an email after I’m caught up on your blog. 😀

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      1. Thank you, Kevin. I’ll be revealing the book cover and name of the book later this week, although publication day is not until Dec 9th. Very kind of you to mention the interview. Thank you. 😃
        My best wishes to Pat and you.

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