KAI Presents… Sharmishtha Basu!

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Sharmishtha Basu


Well, I am a very ordinary human being, who stumbled upon the key to El Dorado when I started writing. My friends, who has always been the wind beneath my wings became the gentle breeze that fanned the flame ’til it became everlasting one. From an accidental writer I have become an obsessed writer and illustrator. I have published my works and am still hungry for more outlets. The reason my Ezines came to life is to provide an everlasting outlet and satisfy my hyperactive muse.
img_0025-sharmishtha-17-2-16-smMy hyperactive muse is inspired by everything- the cloud in sky, the stray cat snoozing on the rooftop across the road, the book I am reading, the song playing on music system or the movie I am watching… everything stirs my muse and quite often I shush her and forget what she was babbling. Then regret of course! These days notebooks and pens stay scattered all over my room so I can jot down the idea that popped up and reuse it later.
As for “me” not my owner “Musie” I live in Kolkata, am unmarried, unemployed home-runner and therefore gifted with plenty of time. Writing is my way of making something useful out of life before it is gone forever. Sort of creating a legacy!
sharmishtha-10-9-16You must have already guessed that I love reading, watching good movies, love songs, and nature and its children. That is why they stimulate Musie. I believe in maintaining few, true, preferably ever-lasting relationships, and try to keep my works authentic and honest. I believe I owe this to my readers, especially my friends. If you want to know more about me become my friend or reader.

My prime blog in wordpress is Mydomainpvt.wordpress.com
Facebook.com/sermistabasu is my page in Facebook.

You will get every single detail of my net activities from mydomainpvt if you pay a visit.


Kev: What are your two ezines called and how did you come up with the titles?
agnishatdal-1423Agnishatdal (The Lotus of Fire) and Agnijaat (Fireborn), well, I have always been fascinated by fire and water- these two are my favourite elements. They are so mesmerizing! Amongst them, Agni is revered in Hinduism, it is the channel to Gods from mortal world. Everything we Hindus (Actually) offer to God is offered to the sacred fire we call Homagni.

Apart from this sentimental reason there is lot of fire inside me, so when I first got bitten by the writing bug in 2007, I was employed and could not leave my name all over internet, for many reasons, so I decided I will use pseudonyms, one of them was Agni, I stopped using it in 2008, never used it or any other pseudonym again but the name stayed in heart. When I was thinking about my Ezine Agnishatdal came to mind. I agnishatdal-images-2-7-1-16-shravan-imagehave used that name before in my books, two go by that name, my first book the lotus of fire and a book about durgapuja, mayer paye 108 Agnishatdal. Agni and Shatdal (lotus) are two favourites of Hindu deities… so you can guess why I love those two and my Ezines got them both. I actually would have changed my own name to Agnishatdal had I been serious about changing my utterly despised name! Just hate it! But will live with it.
Picking up the name of the second one, my solo venture Agnijaat was tougher, because she was the child born without planning, I was planning only one, then God bless them, my friends filled up Agnishatdal’s basket with gems, and I realized my hyperactive muse will have to choose another outlet, so came Agnijaat, as I have used the pseudonym Agni, and she is my child, I named her Agnijaat- Fireborn. Simple, and my fire will speak through her so it is quite a suitable name believe me!

Kev: Tell us a little bit more about each one.
agnijaat-logo-15-7-16-2Agnishatdal is a collaborative creation of an amazing group of writers and artists. You will find all main features of magazines, poems, stories, articles, photographs and artworks.
If you want to read about India, Bengal you will love Agnishatdal. It will share the mythological stories from India, tell you about some priceless people of India, people you may not even know but have done amazing things in their lifetime. It will talk about festivals and their stories and other things, it is trying to make other people talk about their countries and cultures too. But till date there is only one- an Indian and Bengali the creator herself talking about her country, culture. But she is optimist, there are years to come!
You will be served science fictions and fun stories, kid’s stories and beautiful poems. The more versatile content it gets the better I will love that! So expect all types of content suitable for entire family. That is, it will be a book you can leave on the table and wont blush if your parents or kids pick it up to check it out.

agnijaat-1423Agnijaat is a solo venture, you can say it contains what I don’t want to say in blogs. Like Agnishatdal Agnijaat too contains articles, cartoons, photographs, stories, poems… sorry but it too is India and Bengal centred, I talk about things I know or face, or can relate to mostly. So my articles are mostly about India and Bengal. But other things i.e. poems, stories and artworks are about everything. You can say it is my muse’s venture to reach her topmost level, and maybe use that as her launch-pad to world above! I will love to build a strong base of reader for these two, who will actually read them and share their views about them.

Kev: Could you provide a teaser/short passage from each of your ezines?

They are in amazon, so, you can check the ‘look inside’ out there:
Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Kev: How can folks submit an article or story for your e-zine?
At present I can’t pay you anything financially, all I can promise is giving your name, your blog every possible limelight the Ezine will get. If you want to share your work in Agnishatdal send them to me via agnishatdal@hotmail.com and agnijaat@hotmail.com. It can be anything- a poem, an article, a personal essay, a story, cartoon, photograph, illustration. Even if you have published it in your blog or elsewhere. At present I have no problem with that.

Kev: Do you have any advice about submitting an article or story?
Yes, please copyright your work before you send them to me, even for assessing, being a writer, creator I respect the effort that you guys put in your works, and honestly I really don’t underestimate the power of hacking, so I don’t want some shark devouring your unpublished works and use it in their own book or lift the idea! So ALWAYS first copyright your work then send them to me. I personally do it always.

Do remember some things, as I have already told about spirit of Agnishatdal, it is for earthlings- so don’t say anything rude about anything that is not yours! That is, if you are a Hindu you can discuss vices of Hinduism, if you are an Indian you can talk about Indian ways harshly, because you will be talking about yourself too! Whatever you say, you are a part of it, willing or non-willing! You are criticizing yourself in other words, so one can hope that you know what you are talking about. But when you criticize others the first question that pops in mind of others is does s/he knows what s/he is talking about! So let’s ditch that side from Agnishatdal, talk about the world, criticize your own! Anyways don’t worry about accidental publishing, I read every submission, so if I notice something I will tell you.

 Let’s hear it for Sharmishtha Basu, Everyone. And get those articles in to her!


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