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The following selections are from Rhythm of My Heart, a short collection of darker poetry written by Annie Scarlotte:


Just once I want to feel that I can give myself completely

without fear

and breathe someone else into my soul.

Just one time I want to see true passion

and let my eyes cry from the ecstasy of it.

I just need one moment to be me,

one point in my finite existence to feel accepted,

one place I can breathe and feel worthy of the air

and share myself with no clanging of chains.


Why can’t it be

that way for me?

They seem to share

so easily.

They give and take without regard

displaying beauty and harmony.

For me this is so hard.

To get so close,

I must shed the paranoia.

I must use the desire to feel

And not dream,

see and not envision…

My inability to arrive,

is it only an illusion?



My cup nears empty

and my soul grows cold.

Fonder my love cannot get

your absence sears my soul.

I sit in silence

waiting on your call

with constant trembling

and aches inside.

How can I convince you

what you see is real?

Only holding you will mend my spirit-

Only loving you gives me life.




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00043]Book Blurb:

Because Annie has no recollection of her birth parents, her life is full of unknowns. Still, she seems relatively content with her simple existence in Washington, DC. Marcus, her new Italian boyfriend, adds much desired spice to her life despite secrecy about his position at SecureVest. But when Annie becomes mysteriously ill, it is the catalyst for a life far from simple.


Seemingly by luck, Annie discovers that she is maturing into a dhampir (a vampire/human hybrid), and to survive she must feed on fresh human blood. With Marcus fully aware of Annie’s predicament, they concoct a scheme: find the evil living among us and act where justice does not.


Vigilante Annie is born.


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author-picAuthor Bio:

An only child, (in the seventies, mind you), little Robert could be seen running in the backyard playing superhero, with a bed sheet serving as his cape. He also spent many hours drawing or writing in his mid-sized Ohio town. Having also battled depression earlier in life, Robert now sees how his low points have brought him to a more creative, stronger sense of being. Now he is where he wants to be, and is telling the stories he is meant to tell. His other interests include reading, motorcycle touring, fitness and classic movies.


Twitter:  @VAAuthor





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  1. I so enjoyed your poem, Robert! Well done!! I’m looking forward to the remainder of your special week!! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting, Kevin!!


  2. I can feel Annie’s desperation in those poetic words, so strong, and so full of passion! It seems to set the tone of her story. I hope you are having a wonderful time, Robert. 🙂 Thank you Kevin for hosting him.

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  3. Your poem, Robert, just blew me away! Excellent work! I’m heading over to Amazon right now to get my copy! Who says blogs don’t sell books? Have a great tour! Thanks for hosting, Kevin!


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