The Bad News… Update.

I just learned from my publisher that my release for Caboodle & The Whole Kit which was due today has been postponed for a week or so due to unforeseen circumstances. I had queried why I didn’t have any links sent to me yet and was told that she sent me an email explaining this a short while back… Didn’t get it, but hey, it happens.

Thought I’d better let you guys know since I know some of you have been expecting it… Sorry folks! I’ll let you know when I’m sure of everything. Meanwhile here’s the blurb again along with my silly little trailer:


Caboodle is filled with relaxing episodes of life, family, love & romance, faith, and even the odd, inadvertent run-ins with some quite unsavoury characters.

The wonderful collection of short stories, poetry, and songs has been grouped together to bring a variety of tales, some of which are based upon true events, people can easily relate to.

The whole kit is designed to ignite a mixture of emotions to bring smile, laughter, and moisture to the eyes.

There is something for everyone in Caboodle & The Whole Kit!

Check out the book trailer below: 




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