Christmas Time!

Since Christmas is getting closer, I thought a reblog of my Christmas song was in order. Enjoy it on youtube folks! 😀


I’ve been hearing Christmas songs all day on the radio today and thought, well maybe it’s that time of the year to start promoting my own Christmas song…

Christmas Time! was my début single which was released in November 2015. I actually wrote it back in 2014 but it was too close to Christmas that year to do much of anything with it.


Christmas Time! is available at the following retailers:


Kevin Cooper: Lyrics & Music Composition, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Artwork & Promotion. Brian Barker: Producer, Vocals, Guitars, synthesiser, percussion. FT:Melissa McSherry: Vocals. Jasmine Barker:Vocals & Chorus Lyrics. © Kevin Cooper… All rights reserved.

For those of you who haven’t heard it, you can check it out below and get into the Christmas spirit!

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