Kevin Cooper Week Day 1

It’s Kevin Cooper WEEK over at Indie Adda folks! 😀

Indie Adda


SB@Indie Adda: Where are you from?
Kevin Cooper: I am from Hull, in Yorkshire, England.

SB@Indie Adda: Tell me something about your present life.
Kevin Cooper: I live with my second wife, Pat. I am an author, writer and amateur musician. I love travelling, I love the world around me, I love to read, watch movies of most kinds, but mainly fantasy and sci-fi. I like some shows such as Dr. Who, Broadchurch, Benidorm, and Death in Paradise, but I spend most of my time at home blogging and writing.

SB@Indie Adda: Tell me something about your childhood days or the favorite phase of your life, anything that has stayed with you!
Kevin Cooper: The two main things that stayed with me from my childhood days are Life before Miedo… when I lived with my grandmother between ages 3-6. And, when we went on holidays to Flamborough and stayed in…

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