Kevin Cooper Week Day 4 Books Past

It’s day four of Kevin Cooper week over at Indie Adda folks! 😀

Indie Adda

Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear


Miedo is a Biographical British drama set in the historical city of Hull (recently voted as City of Culture 2017) in the mid-1960s-1980s. It is the true story of a boy who after losing his mother at a very young age is brought up by his grandparents until his father remarries. It is this point in his life that brings about such a traumatic change that Miedo is no longer the boy he was. He begins to experience a plethora of paranormal/supernatural incidents which cause him to live a life of fear. Are these incidents real or are they a psychological manifestation brought on by the abuse and neglect he suffers at the hands of others?
Miedo 1
Miedo 2

The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn


A fantasy adventure. Join the Wizard as he searches for his people who have mysteriously…

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