Kevin Cooper Week Day 6- Critique of Reflections

It’s day six of akevin Cooper week over at Indie Adda folks! 😀

Indie Adda



A collection of poems, songs and muses about love, life and relationships.

I had the chance of reading this book, and Kevin asked me to illustrate it, which I am about to start, I will love to gift that to him before Valentine’s Day 2017, that is the time of this book I personally feel. It is a beautiful collection of 22 poems, most of them are about love, beautiful, deep and true love, the inspiration must have been Kevin and Pat’s priceless bonding, for us, the readers it is a beautiful journey we all will love to have some day, in our lives!

I got hijacked by relocation and then the mood was totally gone, to sit down with the book and illustrate it, now my desire is stirring and I will start with it before mid-December!

If you want a peek, I will tell you after sending…

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