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I’m an avid reader who reads a variety of genres. I strive to make all my reviews objective, honest and sincere whether they are five-star or just one-star, and attempt to do so, constructively. I believe it does potential readers looking for a good read, and the authors grave injustice to do otherwise.

All of my reviews are given freely. As a top Amazon reviewer UK, I post all my reviews to Amazon UK, Goodreads, and on this site. I no longer accept book review requests, but I do tend to choose the books I read from authors who use my free promotional services so it may be worth your while checking them out.

The Diamond Book Awards reviews take priority over  all other reviews. For more information on The Diamond Book Awards, please check out my page here: The Diamond Book Awards.

You will know if I am reading one of your books if and when you see it listed in the goodreads widget in the widget column. I review all the books I have listed as ‘Books I’m Currently Reading’ on goodreads with the exception of those I cannot finish which I can honestly say are very few.


I only give five-star ratings for exceptional work or a work of genius. This type of work usually involves: Extremely well-written prose or poetry, originality, creativity and imagination, a work that keeps me so captivated, I don’t want to put it down, nor want the story to end. It is a work that I will most certainly want to read again.

Four star ratings are given for excellent work that I would undoubtedly highly recommend. These are books that have captivated me, are memorable, well-written and constructed, a credit to their genre, and may even lure me to read them again at some point.

A three-star rating is good… this simple means that your book is as good as most other books that I’ve read of the same or related genre. Considering that there are millions of books out there and I have literally read hundreds if not thousands of them in my lifetime, (I never thought of counting them and won’t start now) a three-star review should never be taken negatively… It’s still a good review!

Low star-ratings I loath writing lower star reviews so tend to research a book before I buy it, hence lower-star reviews are very few and far between… However, for those unfortunate enough to receive one, 1-2 stars is not a judgement and should be viewed by the author as a guide to how improvement can be made to make your book the best it can be… One can always opt for a new edition.

(I no longer accept book review requests. Any unsolicited requests or files go into my spam folder which is automatically emptied on a daily basis.)

If I do review your book, please be kind enough to up-vote it on Amazon and like it on Goodreads as you share it with others. All reviews on this site, along with my older reviews can also be found on Goodreads and Amazon… Good luck and success with your writing folks!

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34 thoughts on “Book Review Policy for 2017

  1. I have a similar rating structure. Sometimes I feel bad because it seems like most people give books 5 stars these days and the expectation to do similarly is felt, but I stick with it. I hope you do too!


    New follower

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  2. Impressive resume! Timely as well. My head is swirling with tones of info concerning not only reviews but also the whole shebang of self-publishing, marketing, and how to copyright to make it into the rich & famous. Phew!

    Me? I can’t handle any of it, my Father! “Just write & publish I’ll do the rest.” came to me from my Father/Creator’s power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails!

    So? Here is Kev! He likes the post. Hum? Father? May I ask, Are You doing the rest with my write & publish task? I surely hope so.

    Welcome into my world, Sir Kev! Hope you enjoy my antics enough to visit again! Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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      1. Did I give you the impression I am impressed with your resume because you are rich & famous? Nay! You impressed me because you are a professional in all aspects of the word but! You are also down to earth English Gentleman. A Professor liking yours truly’s post?

        Anyhow, that ‘rich & famous thing’ is what got me on the wings of pondering & wondering, do I want to be rich & famous? What’s my problem? Denial? Distasteful hypocrisy? Nay! No problem. Be I or you rich & famous or not is not the issue.

        The issue is not about me or you. The issue is about both you and I and, the restoration of us all to the original intent for our creation by the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails!

        Such love is the glue to bind us for eternity. Thanks for your tweet. I don’t know how to ‘tweet’ but! Comment? I do my best to connect. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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        1. I appreciate your kind works and support. I’m just an ordinary guy doing his bit for fellow authors with the occasional promotion of my own work, but it’s rewarding when folks see so much more and offer kind words. Thanks again. 🙂


    1. I honesty am not sure, Debby. From what I gathered, the gold stars indicate books you’ve written reviews for whereas the red stars indicate other’s reviews… I think… Could be wrong, it’s been know to happen. 😉 😀

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  3. Sharing your policy is so professional Kev… Thank you for letting us know.
    As to low stars reviews (2 or less stars) I have always thought that it is quite “cruel” to share those reviews.
    Even if the book is bad…. I guess It would be better just not to share it, particularly if we are speaking of an Indie Author. Personally, I will just put the book aside and move to a better one… What do you think?… sending love & best wishes for the New Year ahead! ⭐

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    1. I think you’re a sweet person with a lot of empathy. Maybe you’re right; it certainly warrants thinking about. I appreciate your honesty, Amalia. All the best for the new year. 🙂 💗

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  4. I think your ratings are a bit like mine, a mix between GR and Am. Or maybe they are just ‘our’ ratings. I agree anything down to three is acceptable, and any review will add context. Similarly, a two or a one means I was not impressed. But that could be for whatever reason. It could be well written and bore the pants off me.

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      1. I think it’s sad the review system is abused, ‘I didn’t like it’ ‘I didn’t finish it’ are hardly reviews.

        Why didn’t you like it? Why did you like it? (Ok, do you even know how to explain that?) There are some good reviews on GR. Am attracts the dross, the family and friends.

        If all the world is an author, seems like they are all reviewers too. When they’ve turned up at 11pm at night in their local newspaper office to review a school play (Midsummer Night’s Dream – good actually), I might give some of these reviewers credence.

        I am sure there are lucrative ‘How to Review’ courses out there. If not, we MUST set one up!

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        1. That’s why Amazon are becoming so hard-nosed about reviews. You can’t really blame them for taking some down due to blatant abuse of the system. I can honestly say, not one of mine have been taken down because I keep up to date and follow their guidelines, strickly. Whether I agree with them or not is of no consequence. I have taken some of my own down… earlier ones from years ago when I first wrote a few reviews. The ones I changed my mind about after taking the whole review business seriously. The funny thing is, that’s when my review profile shot through the roof! Amazon are watching! GR is part of AM anyway.

          What really made me change was when I inadvertently joined a reviewer’s group (authors) only to find they were just giving each other 5-star reviews and were not even reading each others books! Obviously they were not proper review… How could they be? Needless to say, I left the group in disgust and that’s when I began to take it all seriously and saw the other side to Amazon’s argument properly.

          It’s a shame that we think there should be an ‘how to’ course for reviewing, but you’re absolutely right… more of a ‘don’t do’ approach is probably needed before you even get to what should be included. It’s like any good form of writing, reasoning, or arguing… back it up with something substantial! Good to see you Kate! 😀

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