Now Open For Submissions

The Diamond Book Awards will be even bigger this year! 

dba-011The professionally engraved diamond-shaped crystal paperweight complete with gift box is larger than last years and that’s just the beginning. There will be only three finalists presented to the judging panel, making this year’s competition even tougher. The finalists will also receive an award in the form of a DBA finalist certificate.

The book chosen will be selected from the top three books entered in the competition. The top three nominations will be presented to my panel of judges who will vote on the winning book. The winning author is notified, and the award will be delivered to them, with acknowledgements on this site and more.

If your book has received at least three proper five-star reviews on Amazon, or you have already received a five-star review on this site, and are interested in entering your book for this award, use the form below. All genres are accepted. If you book is part of a series, it must be a stand-a-lone. (No dependence on knowledge from prequels and no cliffhangers.) Your book must be recent: Published within the last 18 months from the beginning of the award year.

dba-012The Diamond Book Award program runs from January through October. Book entries are accepted from the beginning of the year. Final entries must be in by the beginning of August. The top three nominations are announced in September. The Award is presented in October.

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  • Kevin: Author, Avid Reader/Reviewer. Loves fantasy, drama, sci-fi, poetry, memoirs, and young adult fiction. As a former educator, also likes children’s books.
  • Kate: Professional Editor, Award-Winning Journalist, Avid Reader/Reviewer. Loves ex-pat stories, dystopian, suspense/crime/thrillers, and contemporary literary fiction.
  • Cynthia: Diamond Book Awards winner 2016. Award winning Journalist, writer/author. Loves memoirs, thrillers, mysteries, and humour.
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy




 If your submission is successful: 

The Diamond Book Awards will BUY your kindle book from Amazon, and leave REVIEWS on KC Books & Music, Amazon, and Goodreads!  You may also be asked for a PDF copy of your book to share with the panel. (Your PDF copy will not be shared with the panel unless you are nominated among the top three, and it will not used for any other reason than the purpose of The DBA.) Your book will then be considered for nomination to the top three books from which the winner will be chosen by the panel.

Entry for the Diamond Book Awards


The entry fee for The Diamond Book Awards is £10.00 for which I will invoice you through Paypal if your application is successful. This is non-refundable. Entry for the current year opens January 1st and closes on August 1st. 

Note: this fee is for entry to the Diamond Book Awards, not for a review. All reviews are honest reviews as per Amazon guidelines; It does not guarantee five-star or even four-star reviews.

PS: I strongly recommend that you look through at least several, if not all my reviews to get a feel for the types of things I look for when reading a work. I also go into some detail about my reviews on my Raves & Reviews page.

I will request a PDF file of your book to share with the panel, Other than this, I do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or books files in any way, shape or form!


19 thoughts on “Now Open For Submissions

      1. They’re older than 18 months, Kev. I recently rereleased them as self-published, but the books are older than that. Sorcerer’s Garden might squeak under the deadline – August 2015. My current WIP is a series (not standalone). I’d love to support your awards effort 🙂


        1. That’s such a shame as your work is of the quality I’m looking for. I have room on the panel for a floating member if you’d like to volunteer this year? Email me. 🙂

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    1. Me too… Exciting times. Have a couple of subs already. If there are too many, I’ll be emailing you with a special negotiation request as I may be returning to work this year. 😉


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