Have Bags, Will Travel

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Have Bags, Will Travel

I headlined this review as delightful coffee talk because it reminded me of the many times my best friend, Lilly and I sat outside a coffee store in a popular shopping area enjoying pleasant conversation. We too would laugh about the ridiculous things one puts up with compared to how things used to be. One could actually imagine being sat across the table from D.G has she shares her travel experiences.

My favourite part is when she shares her experiences of Las Vegas. Having been there several times it really resonated, and I was also intrigued by visions of a much earlier Vegas for me.


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27 thoughts on “Have Bags, Will Travel

  1. This is the heart of coffee chats and time well spent with a close friend like Debby.
    If I ever went on a long trip, if I had a copy by my bedside of this fun, clever book or I needed love and life advice I think Debby has the warm heart to help me make good decisions! xo
    Kev, your review included fine and lively points in reading this genre of books. Like holding a special note passed between friends, this book will inform and using your word, be “delightful!”

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